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Pocket Sports new games in production


How's the APP doing?!?!

I see that the Android version has 50 - 100 downloads. Are you generating even the smallest revenue?! I guess this is a GAME you should ADVERTISE on BGG banners. Perhaps it's too costly to do so... I know you need revenue before you start to invest more heavily into that aspect of the Pocket Sports Brand.

Hoping all goes well with these newer games too... You're very smart with your brand and you probably need to grow the online APP community ... somehow.

I think that's the problem today: a TON of APPs to be able to download. And a lot of CRAP too! Glad to see you are still ranked a 5/5 (by 9 people).

Like I said it's not because the game is not FUN, it's because there are TOO many apps out there to download. You and I know "Pocket Sports" - but to the sea of Google Play Users, when I TYPE "basketball games" and hit SEARCH, YOUR GAME MUST appear in that LIST. It's about a page on my widescreen... But never the less, if your game is NOT hitting people who want to PLAY "basketball games" - you're not going to get the right people playing your game!

I would get them to WORK on THAT: getting the game into the "basketball games" page of downloads...!


Update: Your keywords should be "Pocket Sports" "Sports" from what I have been seeing regarding the other games... Some of those have over 1M Downloads... You've got to find a WAY to get into that SEARCH RESULT ("basketball games")!!!

Your category is "Board" and it should be "Sports"... Maybe that will SHIFT you into the proper search results... Just trying to be helpful not critical...

I'll let the app team look after the app

It's back to basics and new games....I know the physical products will outshine the app in the short term, so clear off that tabletop!!

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