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A Press-Your-Luck Dice Game with Cards

Okay, a recent post made me want to get this idea down in writing somewhere.. It's totally unplaytested and exists only in my head. After my current game is done, maybe I'll look into a real design.

In the spirit of Farkle, you have 5 dice, which you roll on your turn. You can reroll multiple times, but on each roll you MUST save at least one rolled die, and not re-roll it.

At the end of your (no more than five) rolls, you match the result to a card in your hand. Each card has an effect (either immediate or permanent or delayed), plus a set of numbers. If your dice include that set of numbers, you can play the card. You can only play one card per turn in this way.

After/During playing that card, you can choose to activate any other effects you want, from previously played permanent or delayed cards.

Examples of immediate cards are "heal 3 points" or "do 4 damage to an opponent of your choice" or "do 2 damage to everyone at the table" or "draw a card"

Examples of permanent cards are "Roll an extra die on your turn" or "whenever you're healed, heal one extra point".

Examples of delayed cards are "You may use this as a wildcard to replace any die value on your roll with a value of your choice" or "block any card played by another player" or "roll an extra die on your turn (one turn only)"

Some cards are more difficult to play than others, based on needing more numbers or harder numbers. Everyone's drawing from the same deck. You can choose to replace one of your cards and skip your rolls for a turn. Draw a card for every one you play.

Possibly the cards in your "hand" would be face up instead of hidden.. not sure, would have to think about it and playtest.

Anyway, that's the general idea. 20 health per player, etc. Seems like it would be fun, if it isn't too complicated to strategize easily. Don't steal it ;)

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