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Protospiel 09 looking back on the weekend.

2009 was a very successful year with record attendance, great industry support and productive testing.

We had representatives from ElfinWerks, Steve Jackson Games, Mayfair Games and Imagigrafx to help with testing and to answer questions.

The focus was mainly on testing as we didn’t have a speaker this year. There were 40 designs listed by preregistered designers and many more brought in by those that registered at the door. Card, dice and board game were all represented. The variety of theme and styles were vast ranging for Eco simulations to word games with euro style strategy games being prominent.

To raise a little extra cash and for fun we had a drawing for the following items supplied to us by

Game Design Central -
North Star Games -
Mayfair Games -
& ElfinWerks

Raffle Prize

Paid to Play –The Business of Game Design by Keith A. Meyers
10 – 30 Second Sand Timers
Over 200 Plastic Poker Chips in two colors
150 Blank Playing Cards
Numerous Mini Dry Erase Board, Tokens & Plenty of Pens for them
60 ½ Inch Cubes in 6 Colors
150 Colored Matchsticks in 6 Colors
100 Small Tokens in B/W
100 Stacking Tokens in 10 Colors
Assorted Dice
Folding Dice Cups
200 Wood Sticks in 8 colors
400 Wood Cubes in 8 Colors
3 Inch cardboard hexes
Play Money

Plans are already being made for our 10th anniversary event so whether you are an alumnus or a first timer don’t forget to put Protospiel 2010 on your calendar.


Glad I could finally make it

Thanks for organizing the event, David ... nice work. I really enjoyed getting to see the range of games, and gained tons of great advice for my projects.

Also played some games that were very good and a lot of fun ... I expect to see some of them in a box on a shelf sometime! ;-)

-Matt Worden

I know that I got some really

I know that I got some really valuable feedback on Restaurant Row. Thanks for the help, everyone. It will be available pretty soon (and is on boardgamegeek now if you want to be an early commenter).

Great to see everyone as well. Good luck with all of your projects.

See you iin 2010 (?)

I wish I had managed to go to Protospiel this year. I'm going to really try and make it next year... it's always sounded like a fun time, but was never in a position to go until this year. Next year I hope I can make it!

I guess you could call me a representative from Tasty Minstrel Games :)

Publishers that take outside submissions get a free pass

Publishers that take out side submissions get a free pass.

Once you publish a game from outside your orginization you get in for free! Will you have something out by July next year that meets that requierment?

or you can publish one of my games and get a pass :)


What if we publish two of your games?


bluepantherllc wrote:What if

bluepantherllc wrote:
What if we publish two of your games?


I'm sure anyone that published one of my games wouldn't make the mistake of taking a second one.

Great time

I had a great time talking to folks and playing games. I only wish I'd been able to stay longer! I'll be back in 2010! With bells on!


Wow - it was fantastic. We went not knowing what to expect, but everyone was really nice and really smart. We're already wishing we could buy some of the games we played. We got some great feedback and ideas for our game, and advice on where to go from here.

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