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Prototype Character Stat Chart

I'm going to attempt to make a stat chart for a character for my unnamed game.

Eugene Doubefistington
Even as a grown man, Eugene was still being pushed around and shook down. He had finally had enough of it. Eager to rid himself of these daily brigands, he commissioned a pair of gauntlets. His new "Fisticuffs" would prove more than a match for the ill-willed ruffians that plagued him. Haste comes at a price; He hardly knows how to use them nor has the dexterity to maintain balance. As long as he's safe, he believes, is all that matters.

Steam-powered "Fisticuffs"
Strength.... 2
Power ....... 3
Skill ........... 1

Armor ........ 1
Fortitude.... 2
Skill ........... 1

Accuracy.. n/a
Lethality.. n/a
Skill ......... n/a
Range ..... n/a
Movement.. 5

Unwieldy - Special Combat Ability - If this model successfully deals damage to an enemy model, this model may make another attack. If the initial attack fails, this model takes 1d4 damage.

Leap - Special Non-Combat Ability - When this model has finished its movement, this model may then be placed 2" from from that point.

I really don't like coming up with detailed fluff. I like to write general fluff. Ask me "why is this like this?" and I'll gladly write it down. You want it in story form? Not really gonna happen. I WAS going to make 2 characters but just doing 1 burnt me out.

As always, comments are welcome.

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