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Quest Adventure Cards - Second Edition: The Tarot

Well I have been researching the Tarot... Is it because I believe in the occult? No! :P

They say that "the cards" tell a story when you are using cards for a Tarot reading... And I have been wanting to take the Second Edition of Quest AC to another level. Specifically I want the game to be about "Story-Telling" as opposed to traditional Questing (Dungeon & Dragons, Dungeon Crawler, etc.)

The First Edition was *different* in that it wasn't about dualing or combat, it was about collecting cards to complete quests. Enough said about the First Edition.

What I want in the Second Edition of the game is to infuse the game with a VERY flexible mechanic to arranging the cards that you use to tell your story. And I believe research into Tarot reading will help in changing my ways of thinking.

Already I *love* the concept of the *Spread*! Instead of the game being only one type of *Spread*, I could design various spreads which could be randomly selected at the beginning of a game. Then players try to resolve the spread and tell the story that goes with it.

Obviously they will not match 100% True Tarot spreads. They may look similar but have more constraints (as an example)...

But I think ultimately, what I can learn about the Tarot will help in designing a more appealing Second Edition of Quest Adventure Cards, namely a game ALL about Story-Telling! The Tarot is FILLED with all kinds of good stuff relating to story-telling. I hope I can learn more about readings and how the various features of the Tarot could be used in a game such as Quest AC 2.



This reminds me of the cards for dixit. Cards with pictures where you try and match to a phrase. How will you implement it into your first edition though?


The First Edition will remain AS-IS. It will NOT be compatible with the Second Edition... The First Edition is in itself a complete game and is sold by separate booster packs.

Quest AC 2 will be another game in itself - but with the plan for expansions. This will also be a part of Stretch Goals (additional cards and sets).

The games will play very differently (and obviously be incompatible with each other)...


Ok. I was hoping they weren't compatible because I could see the impending disaster if you tried to make them work.

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