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Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Types of cards

As I mentioned in the EPIC thread, I plan to use dual-sided cards for this game. I know they are a bit *cumbersome* but for what I plan to accomplish, the card count would be just too great.

I wanted to discuss the "Types of cards" that will be present in the game.

Here is the short list:

  • Heroes/Monsters: These dual-sided cards speak for themselves.
  • Bastions-Badlands/Lairs: Various location for your epic journey.
  • Events: These cards are also dual-sided but instead of "Good/Bad", they are "Encounter"/"Reward".

How the "Event" cards work is on one side you have the "Encounter". This can be positive such as a Character that wants you to embark on a Quest or negative such as a Minion needs to be defeated or a Trap needs to be avoided. Once you have successfully completed the "Encounter", you may turn the card over to reveal the "Reward". Some are permanent others temporary...

I've done a lot of thinking about "Quest AC v2" and this is the "streamlined" version of the Epic "Set Collection" game.

One COOL aspect is that the "Event" card can be GENERAL such as "Event" or "Encounter" or they can be SPECIFIC like "Minion" or "Trap"... We had a similar mechanic in the original game (but not exact!)

So far that's what I have going for the game.

Feel free to comment or provide feedback. Cheers.


In a more complete fashion...

Heroes - Fighter, Cleric, Thief, Paladin, Mage and Bard
Monsters - All kinds of "monstrous" creatures

Badlands - Forest, Mountain, Dungeon, River, Island, Swamp
Bastions - Castle, Citadel, Fortress, Stronghold, Village, Keep, Spire
Lairs - All kinds of "dark" places for creatures to dwell

  Characters - All kinds of Quests for your Epic Journey
  Minions - All kinds of "weaker" creatures (Lesser Creature)
  Traps - Perform saving throws to avoid some medieval security
  Equipment - Permanent items your Heroes may equip
  Treasures - All kinds of monetary rewards (High VPs)
  Relics - Rewards with special bonuses (Low VPs)
  Items - Temporary items your Heroes may use

That's another way to VIEW the cards in the game (so far...)

Cards are being revisited...

I have been thinking some more and I really like the "direction" of the "Event" cards. As such it makes the Hero and Bastion cards - out of sync.

So I propose to make the following change:


Badlands/??? (TBD)

I was discussing a "worker placement" mechanic for Heroes and the cities they come from. In this case, why not simply have the "Bastion" on ONE SIDE and the Hero on the OTHER SIDE. This means when you make the FLIP, you no longer earn income from the "Bastion" (as a way of making difficult choices about when to recruit a Hero)!

Similarly the Lair would have the required components and once you satisfy all of them, you can flip it to BATTLE the Monster on the opposite side.

Which leads me to "Neutral" cards: the "Badlands"...

I know they produce no income and cannot spawn a Hero. But... I'm not sure what the OPPOSITE SIDE of the card should be.

Needs more thought!

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