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Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - 2nd Edition (Retired)

Hello all,

I know I have been blogging about about the "Second Edition" of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)" and talking about runs, sets and suits. However this is a HARD NOTICE that I will no longer be designing this game.

My reason for this is because I don't feel "Quest AC 2" will be a game that will have high acceptance in the tabletop game world. I just don't see the game becoming a "hit" based on its current design.

Tobias (Fhizban) really got me thinking about what he was doing with "God & Minions" and he said that a card game CCG would not be successful in the market place - and I agree - it just made me think if it's going to cost another $5,000 to get artwork done for a game that won't sell - why bother?!

I don't feel the excitement when I think about "Quest AC 2" design and I don't see a major acceptance in the gaming community.

Therefore, it is time to "retire" the game and put it in a state of "former" designs... I have learned over the years what it takes to make a GREAT game and "Quest AC 2" will never achieve that milestone!

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