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Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - Second life

Well all I am excited to announce that "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)", the First Edition will possibly be sold from this point forwards on "Drive Thru Cards" (

Because of their competitive pricing and POD facilities, this will allow us to LOWER the cost of the game! This game is a "kid-friendly" (age 9+) game which is simple to learn and for the most part "easy" to play. It features simple set collection based on Quests that are in play.

We hope to drop the price of the entire "First Edition" (100 cards all featuring Geof Isherwood's incredible artwork - Geof Isherwood's Facebook Page). Our target price for all 100 cards will only be $10.00 + Shipping ($5.00). This will of course allow more people to play the game and extend the lifespan of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)". You can also buy for $1.00 a plastic case for the 100 cards... Which is great to store the cards safely without losing any cards!

Also we are still in the process of thinking about HOW we can design and deliver a "Second Edition" of the game... This is still in the back of my mind and I am hoping new/fresh ideas may shed new light on the game...


Here is a link to the BGG entry for the game.

Board Game Geek's - Quest Adventure Cards(tm)

Don't let the rating by Purple Pawn dissuade you - it's a good game for kids (aged 9+)... To be real honest, I don't think he liked the FORMAT of the game which used to be "booster" sets.

Also I have playtested this game with KIDS and the kids that I have played the game all wanted their own copies. I was even at a wedding and had brought sets of the game and two young boys wanted their own copies of the game... And they both got their wish! :)

Personally I would buy the game simply for the artwork. I think Geof did an amazing job to bring together a D&D, Comic-book-esque feel to the artwork.

Here are some samples:

ONE Roadblock

Although pricing is GREAT - the only roadblock we have is producing the cards in proper PDF format... I am still in discussions regarding HOW/what format is required by DTC. Once I have a better idea about this - I will be able to know for certain if "Quest" will be offered via this website...

Funny: Note that through DTC, the profit to me will be $1.05 per game sold. That's MORE than publishers want to give me for my current Work-In-Progress (WIP). Plus $10.00 for 100 cards is an amazing deal: $0.10 per card... And you get amazing artwork and simple - but FUN game for kids...

I'm really trying to set the price LOW so more people can enjoy this game!

Update: I will also be trying to see if I can SELL this game to kids in EUROPE (since the game is Bilingual: English and French). Although sales in Quebec sucked (regretfully) the game may be enjoyed from Europe since I had sales from Italy (also speak French)... So Europe may be the market for this game (at such an attractive price point).

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