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Ranged 3-stats. Gonna need help on this one.

I'm on break at work. I thought I'd make this quick and clean.

3 stats, right. Same as everything.

Power - of weapon
Lethality - of ammunition
Skill - of using weapon

My argument is for Lethality. Is there anything else I could put that generalizes an aspect of ranged combat? I think not. Lethality is the brother of Strength for melee combat (in my system). As an example a pistol can use regular bullets and hollow tip. Shotguns can use buckshot, pellet, or even beanbags. The grain amount used in the casing also differs.

Accuracy (Edited)
1: Pistols
2: Rifles
3: Shotgun or modified/gadgeteered/magicked weapons
4: High-powered rifles and unstable weapons.

Lethality (capability of)
1: Non-lethal or concussive
2: Light wounds; Average chance of lethal damage
3: Moderate wounds; High chance of lethal damage
4: Heavy wounds; Mortality insured.

1: Unskilled
2: Basic knowledge
3: Basic Training
4: Veteran

In a Victorian setting such as this, I doubt anyone will be a combat veteran or have extremely lethal ammunition that isn't a cannonball. Being steampunk, there IS a higher chance of retarded weaponry. I think the only ranged weapon that will ever hit 4s are something like backpacks that have bottled lightning and shoot like a proton pack. Or magic guns. Actually, there's one character that I thought up a long time ago that I wanted to make for this game. He's 7' tall and uses a cannon like a gun.


Reading this, I have a few

Reading this, I have a few questions for you. By "Power," do you mean range? Are some weapons just more accurate than others (or is that taken care of in skill)? What does "skill" do in terms of in-game effects. For example, if a weapon is skill 3, does that mean any character with at least skill 3 can use it equally well? If I am a veteran, can I use all weapons equally well, or are skill 1 weapons still easier? Also, will there be different types of lethality (e.g. some that are strong vs armor, or vs unarmored characters, etc)?

Sounds like an interesting system.

I'm unsure myself. I've just

I'm unsure myself. I've just realized that a gun is merely a conveyance for the bullet. This means that the gun's accuracy is the only determining factor when firing. "Skill" is the accuracy of the wielder. The problem I see with accuracy of the weapon is with range. Accuracy change at different ranges. I guess I'll just make that an ability on the character. Shotguns Acc Dice level up if 1-2" from a target. Acc Dice de-level if target is 8" or further. There will be different ammo like hollow points and AP rounds.

Generally, a character will only have 1 ranged weapon and/or 1 melee weapon. Their skill is with that weapon alone. As of current, there are no plans on giving models options on equipment.

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