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Redrawn Villains and New Playerboards

The Bully
The Despot
The Genius
The Manipulator
The Victim
The Unhinged

I redrew my villains for Book of Villainy. Until now, I'd been using some drawings I did in a half an hour at work. For the past few months however, I'd been practicing my drawing and getting better with dynamic poses, and I felt I could do better realizations of my villains. So I changed some of their designs, and instead of villain character cards, which I had also been using up until now, I created new playerboards. Thanks to a suggestion in my sellsheet post, I realized I could just make character specific playerboards and consolidate components. The design is complete, but I'm going to change some of the character abilities. (About half of them) to balance them.

And for anyone curious, here's a link to the old versions, so you can see the difference.

First 3

Last 3


I love your 'Manipular'

I love your 'Manipular' character! Keep up the good work!

LoveInPaintCreations wrote:I

LoveInPaintCreations wrote:
I love your 'Manipular' character! Keep up the good work!

Thank you! She's probably my second favorite after The Victim now that i changed up her design. Haha

The victim was my second

The victim was my second favorite

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