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RFS Published

I received my copies of Rocks for $ale last night from Blue Panther. The official release is in November so there aren’t even pictures of it on their website. I don’t have pictures to post either but will do that as soon as I can.

(Note: Attach pictures)

RFS was originally a PnP game I did as an experiment to see how viable it would be to enter that market with board games. I knew that some PnP war games sold hundreds of copies a year and with the advantages of not needing to ship or warehouse product it seemed like it could be profitable. Using RPGNOW I have sold enough copies over the last 2 years to make it worth my while but have not reached the level I had hoped. In other words the revenue trickles in rather than pours. Even with less than exciting sales RFS was seen by Blue Panther which in turn is now publishing it.

Blue Panther will be attending UCon, one of my favorite gaming conventions held in Ann Arbor Michigan which just happens to be where I live. In between my demoing games for Mayfair and participating in Clark Rodeffer’s 4 hour mind bending abstract tournament I’ll be making time to teach RFS to anyone who wants to give it a try. Feel free to look me up at UCon if your in the area, it not that big so if you ask around you'll find me.

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