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Rulebook Blogpost: Object of the Game

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Object of the Game (Rulebook Chapter 2)

"As mentioned earlier, each Gods & Minions player collects dice to represent the mortals, minions and gods in his army. Each die represents a squad or an individual creature whose statistics and abilities are defined on its dice sides and explained on a seperate reference card..."

Freshly blogged: "Object of the Game" (Rulebook Chapter 2) explains the game, its objective and the victory conditions further. Read the full article in our blog:


how many different custom

how many different custom dice come with the game?

hey Dralius, Thank you for

hey Dralius,
Thank you for your question! The base set (1-player) will feature something between 8 and 16 dice, we have not finally decided yet. The rest will slowly be released in expansions (without the randomness of card boosters and without artificial rarities). We also plan to have a 2-player set, so you can begin playing right away. We are still in early development, but pictures will be soon be available on our blog.

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