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Rulebook Update Galore: The Battlefield & Melee Weapon Types

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The Battlefield (Rulebook Chapter 7)

"As stated in the previous chapter, the playmat in Gods & Minions is divided into several subsections (or zones of play). One of these zones is the battlefield, wich is used to track positions, distances and groups of the players dice. The battlefield is the zone where the action takes place and its ..."

Update Galore #1: "The Battlefield" (Rulebook Chapter 7)


Melee Weapon Types (Rulebook Chapter A1)

"Being a military fantasy wargame, the troops of Gods & Minions feature a vast assortment of weapons and other tools of destruction. This armament is divided into different types – the so called Weapon Types – grouping weapons that are effective against specific foes into seperate families. The weapons..."

Update Galore #2: "Melee Weapon Types" (Rulebook Chapter A1) explains the advanced rules for melee weapons, which won't make much sense until the combat rules are released (or you are a complete genius ;-). Please note that advanced rules are completely optional!

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