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OMG I am very happy that my first Kickstarter has now shipped to customers. My own copies will arrive in three days' time, and packages will be arriving in Canada and the UK within the next few days as well.

So I'm officially a published game designer :)

That is all.



Wish I could say the same (about shipping to backers)! :P We're still finalizing the rulebooks and finishing some card edits to make sure everything looks good and is ready for production.

But that's GREAT news! Congrats...

I guess we'll see POST "fulfillment" if there are any monies left over to be able to give the team some return on their investment (which currently seems to be a NAY). Three (3) years of effort and it seems like we're not going to make anything from the Kickstarter! :( Looks like the funds are very tight and will be used to pay for "everything" (Manufacturing and Fulfillment). There will be plenty to talk about moving forwards... But for now we need to finalize the card edits and then the "expansion" rulebook.

Wish we were as "far along" the process as you are!


Well, I'm not making any

Well, I'm not making any money off the kickstarter either.. But I'll have 600+ units available to sell, and that may lead to profit. Plus I'm working on an expansion pack to take to Kickstarter in about 8 weeks.. (yikes, that's rushing up very quickly)

Congratulations, Jay! I think

Congratulations, Jay! I think there's a BGG badge for that, isn't there? :)

Hey congrats. I can only

Hey congrats.

I can only aspire to having a ks.

Well done :)

Ugh... I really *dislike* the whole business side

Jay103 wrote:
Well, I'm not making any money off the kickstarter either.. But I'll have 600+ units available to sell, and that may lead to profit...

Funny! Same here, we're looking at about 600+ units to retail after the game is fulfilled and shipped to backers. We've also planned for 300+ "expansion" units since our game will be a "core" product and with the option of buying the "extra" expansion content if you enjoy the "core" experience and would like to try other ways of playing too...

We did however manage to pay for all artwork and 3D Modeling... So there are no negative numbers, everything is "cash-flow positive" but like you, we need to wait and see the market's reaction. If it's positive, we hope to sell through those 600+ units like you...

And then have another 300+ "expansions" available to 50% of the retail market.

It's a bit of a gamble... But the game is FUN. So we believe the "core" will sell. It's just a matter of seeing how the 50% in "expansion" content gets sold (amount and time frame)...

We just had a MONSTROUS KS... With so many stretch goals that involved "expansion" products with all kind of additional artwork, design, etc. So I can see why you'd be interested in an 8 weeks expansion... We worked ours INTO the KS itself... So that's what is taking longer to finalize!

But you're definitely on track to move a 2nd product...

Note: That 600+ units is like 0.0001% of the US Population alone!!! It's peanuts and should sell through... So wishing you all the best!

Congrats!! Would love to join

Congrats!! Would love to join the club..

This is kinda nerve-wracking.

This is kinda nerve-wracking. More than half of the games have now been delivered.. I have one (positive!) comment so far.. I really hope people like it.

Probably have to wait until Dec 26 to get more feedback, since this sucker has "Christmas present" written all over it.

Hehehehe! Waiting to see the results...

Yeah you'd hope to "encourage" AS MANY backers as possible to give you a rating (hopefully above 6.0)... Because each one of those COUNTS towards your "Geek Rating" and your "Average Rating". Ratings around 5.0 to 6.0 are just fodder for the "Geek Rating" and anything less than 5.0 will hurt both scores.

Let us know how it goes over the holidays and well into the New Year too!

I'm not posting another

I'm not posting another update (I hope) until just after Christmas, but yes, I'll ask people at that point.

That's so wonderful,

That's so wonderful, congrats!

Thanks! (and thanks as well

Thanks! (and thanks as well to the others for their positive comments as well!)

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