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Six words about game sequels

According to tweetdeck, one of the trending:worldwide topics on twitter not so long ago was 6 word stories. In the past few months I've asked people to say 6 words about game design, programming, wargames, stories in games, casual games, zombie games, chance/randomness in games, and innovation and plagiarism in games.

This time the challenge is this: say six words about game sequels.


Improvement, problems fixed,

Improvement, problems fixed, followed by regurgitation

Already owned, why should I

Already owned, why should I buy?

shut up and take my money

shut up and take my money

Low risk, medium reward,

Low risk, medium reward, possibly surprising

Chance to improve the good parts

Not as exciting as new IP

Highly anticipated by PC Gamer subscribers

With slight modification find

With slight modification find new segments.

No need to commission new

No need to commission new artwork.

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