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ST5YM expansion. Wizards, & Mechs

I think I may have had my hopes up a bit too high. Interest in the expansion for Star Trek Five Year Mission seem to be waning. In other word there has not been much talk about it the last time I spoke with Mayfair Games. I won’t be meeting with them until Origins. I can get clarification then.

In the mean time I still have other projects to work on.

1. For my wizard dueling game Order of the Wand, I finally can up with a formula to calculate spell cost that seems to take most aspects into account. About half of the spells were priced right already but most of the others were overpriced and one quite underpriced. I just need to get my printer fixed so I can update the prototype.

3. I have started using Lego’s to prototype my mech combat game X Republic. It’s so much easier than making them out of foam board and I can easily swap out parts which means I can start doing real playtests. I plan on working on it this weekend. Maybe I’ll post some pictures.



I would love to see some pictures of the mechs and the wizard cards.

I am using the Nexo Knights

I am using the Nexo Knights as the base for my prototypes.

I am mostly equipping them with weapons, flight packs and sensors.

The wizard cards are not much to look at as i am not much of a graphic designer.

Thank you. I had no idea Lego

Thank you. I had no idea Lego made mech pieces.

The expansion idea is still

The expansion idea is still on the table for now and possibly a Jr. version too.

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