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Successful Launch of Star Trek Five Year Mission

My goal for GENCON was to demo the game for 300 people over the entire weekend. With 3 tables going at a time turning over every 45 minutes we accomplished that by the end of day on Friday. The game was well received by those that played, I was interview 5 times, did a 3 hour signing with Marina Sirtis on Saturday, a charity event featuring 5YM Saturday evening and we sold hundreds of copies. 5YM should be in at the distributors in a few weeks so that your FLGS can order them.

P.S. I'm exhausted.


Looked good

I was able to see the game at the Colts Grill on Day 0. I wasn't able to play it since there were people already playing, but the nostalgia definitely came back and looked like a solid game. Congrats on the reception!

Spotted from a distance...

Sadly, I was not able to squeeze in a demo, but what I saw looked good on the table and I saw many copies carried and played outside the hall!

Congrats on a successful launch! I will be launching my own mission to play very soon!

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