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Sunday October 23rd - Play test

Opportunity for me to further refine Stuff the Universe with a group of dev's and play testers before Metatopia next week.

Will have to balance out my desire to see walking dead with the wife with further refining the game.

Wish me luck.

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Today's play tests of #StufftheUniverse with Suzanne and Chris from Cardboard Edison, Tom from Orphanage of Fear, Eric who's working on a monster creation game, and Brian who trucked out to help play test various games was helpful.

I came in after so many play tests feeling like Rick from #WalkingDead_AMC! I am KING SHIT, but after further testing of #StufftheUniverse I felt like Rick after Negan pointed out he wasn't by making an example of Glen and Abraham. Yes I OVER exaggerate greatly as mainly it's small things that need to be “tightened up”.

i.e. Simplification of Maintenance (Alien movement, Ancient Events), movement into/out of sectors and reducing randomness.

So with 1.5 weeks to go until #Metatopia I'll have to refine the rules and look at flight paths to ease player experience. What does this mean another set of play tests, rework of rules and providing clarity.

It looks like the variable market may be replaced (not sure yet), all Wormhole and Alien Event cards may be touched up to reduce the strength of them and potentially add flight paths to the tiles (this one should be VERY interesting as it’ll take a while to figure it out).

If you have suggestions I'm all ears.

My thanks to:

* Chris & Suzanne (Cardboard Edison) for inviting me to the event today (I also owe you for Pizza just ping me or if you trust me ;) I'll get you back at #Metatopia), sharing your experience with your friends/twitter followers, and providing constructive feedback.

* Eric (Monster Creation Game) for providing hard facts and discussing clarity.

* Tom (Orphanage of Fear) for giving input and giving me some great ideas.

* Brian W. for trucking out playing tons of games and sharing your input.

I look forward to getting back together with y'all to re-test.



PS: Click Click Bang (2nd Game) looks like it's going to be a 10-15 minute fix, but it's also a party game/quick filler. :) If interested feel free to ask me about it. Hurrah now to bury my dead and remember “I am not in charge!”. :)

No spoilers, please.

Please don't post spoilers in a public forum.

Thought this was my blog..

Thought this was my blog..

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