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Take a look at my card design and art

Land and Wasteland Cards are Square Cards
Resource Cards are the Mini Cards
Framework Cards are the Tarot Sized Cards
Action and Conflict Cards are the Normal Sized Game Cards

Here is the Link:

Let me know what Y'all Think!



I was honest "impressed" with the look of these cards! They may seem to be a little "simple" ... but in a GOOD WAY. The coloring is very thorough and I can definitely appreciate the work done to do these cards.

The only one that is just a "sketch" is the Smithy "Framework" card. That could be about what you could expect from a simple "prototype".

But the unified LOOK of these cards is VERY nice indeed.

Congrats on putting that together and making something COOL.


Kudos for putting safe zones

Kudos for putting safe zones in the card (assuming those are safe zones and not bleed.. you want both in the end)

Just as a note, if you're using a real printer, PNG is not a print format, it's a display-on-a-monitor format.

Looking good so far.

Constructive comments


Generally they look really nice. I'm happy to give some constructive criticism if you wish. Please don't take any offence.

Cards generally:
Don't use pure black colour for the texts. It stands out and isn't harmonious. The base colour you've got for everything is a dark brown. Try that instead.

Image should be a bunch of dead plants or an empty field. The image doesn't match the text.
Consider text alternative "Your newest resource producing land doesn't produce" -> "Your newest land doesn't produce resources."

Consider text alternative ...
"(Continuous Effect) --- This card is worth 5VP if you own 1 of the following: Sawmill or Stonemason" ->
"This card is worth 3VP. If you also own a Sawmill or a Stonemason it is worth 5VP instead."

Gold card:
Switch the background to either a mine, a mountain, or a pickaxe, or rocks, or a smelter or something where you actually get gold.

Meat card:
Switch the background to a farm, a chicken, a meadow with some cows. The point here is food via animal husbandry.

I've spotted a typewritten one, a non-serifed one, a italicised poster one and a handdrawn one (for numbers). Try and keep it to just two fonts. Headers and body text. Body text us usually best done with a serifed font as the size is often small.
With such a rural feel, a typewritten font is a little jarring.


Thank Y'all for the

Thank Y'all for the Constructive Comments. It definitely helped me to rethink some things. Some of the cards aren't finished and do have some placeholder images.

For the text, thank you for the tips. I will change the Text Color and limit the font style. I didn't realize I was using so many fonts. I will work on finding a font that works.

Still finishing up the art, So hopefully soon I'll be able to post the whole lot of cards.

The picture for 'famine' is

The picture for 'famine' is of green fields. I think it should be dying crops or bare earth for thematic reasons.

I would have the text vertically centered in its frame--that is, the distance from the top of the text to the top of the frame should be the same as the distance from the bottom of the text to the bottom of the frame.

The symbol for 'meat' looks like it gives you two resources.

What is 'silk land'? Even in ancient times, silk wasn't gathered from the land in the same way as fish from a lake or rocks from a quarry.

Sorry, I should Clarify that

Sorry, I should Clarify that the Famine Image is a placeholder. Still currently working on the art for that one.

About naming the Silk Land, I am currently wrestling between how to name that land. I thought about naming it Silk Farm but wasn't sure about it.

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate all the feedback!

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