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TGC Designer Interview with Marcin Zarycki

The Game Crafter - Designer Interview with Marcin Zarycki

We just released a new board game designer interview with Marcin Zarycki. He’s a talented game designer and a HUGE supporter of The Game Crafter community. He has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people over the years in The Game Crafter’s forums and chat channel. You probably know him as “Zovu” on :)

He signed a publishing deal with Argyle Games for his game, Landed. In addition, he has another game that was signed by Floodgate Games and that will be out later this year. Congrats on all the success Marcin! We believe you have a bright future ahead of you. Click here to watch the full interview on youtube

Landed is currently on Kickstarter and you can check it out at

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