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TGC Designer Sponsorship at Cons

We at The Game Crafter are pleased to announce our Designer Table Sponsorship Program. We are sponsoring a few lucky designers to go to local gaming conventions in their area and promote their games and The Game Crafter service. We will pay for your table at the con, and give you a bunch of nifty TGC wares to outfit it. All you have to do is sign up for the con and run your games at your table! Oh, and tell people about TGC, which you're likely doing anyway.

All the details for applying for this program can be found at

We think this is one more great way we can help our community. We see it as helping in two ways:

1) Two lucky designers (at each con) will get to showcase their games in front of a live audience of gamers basically for free!

2) By increasing awareness of TGC, it drives more traffic to TGC, which should increase the sales of all the designers in the TGC Shop.

Our plan is to sponsor 10-15 cons in 2011, and if the program works well we will sponsor more in 2012.

Keep making great games!

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