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Three years in the making

If you look back through my posts you'll see several about my co-op game for 3 to 7 players;H.M.S. Victory. It's been three years in the making gone through numerous iterations and countless playtests. Its now scheduled to be released at Gencon Indy 2015 by my friends at Mayfair games. It even getting used as the big charity event on Saturday evening! Gen Con Event Code: BGM1582089.

You won't find a listing for H.M.S. Victory on Board Game Geek but you will find this.


Congratulations! Quite a coup

Congratulations! Quite a coup to publish through Mayfair. 34 to 7 players is a very exciting typo though, right?

Typo corrected; 3 -7 players.

Typo corrected; 3 -7 players. I have had a great relationship with Mayfair games for years. They have turned down several of my offering in the past, just not a good match for them. They have always been open to looking at my work. This time it worked for everyone involved.

And a preview we recorded at Origens

Did this presentation on the fly. Not quite accustomed to being on camera yet.


You're the first designer that I've seen have success through the traditional route (ie. not kickstarter). How did you develop such a great relationship with Mayfair?

I started on their demo crew

I started on their demo crew years ago. They took a liking to me and I have been in their camp ever since. This doesn't guarantee that they will publish my games, they have turned down a few but they are always willing to take a look at them.

Dralius wrote:Did this

Dralius wrote:
Did this presentation on the fly. Not quite accustomed to being on camera yet.

psh...I watched the video and you looked and sounded just fine!

Congratulations on your new game!

Awesome! Glad to see all that


Glad to see all that hard work paid off. Congrats!


Awesome Dralius. Cheers.

Thanks everyone. Just a few

Thanks everyone. Just a few weeks until the game is released at GENCON.

Designers Diary is up

Here is the story of how StarTrek: Five-Year Mission came to be.

Congrats David!

This game looks awesome, and not just because you can mix the crews! Though I'm in just based on that. Such an uplifting've achieved what we all dream of, whether it's our first game or our fiftieth! Congrats!!!

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