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Token / Dice Sticker Changes

Today we’re pleased to announce some exciting, and most likely controversial, changes to our token stickers and dice stickers.
We’re now cutting them with a new process, which is far more accurate. The new print registration process we’re using has near pixel-perfect accuracy, so drift on these stickers, while still possible, is very unlikely. Any drift that remains should be less than 1mm.

In addition, we’re now cutting down the large sticker sheets into poker card sized slugs. This change allows you to use token and dice sticker sheets with the small and medium pro boxes, and eventually even our tuck boxes will be able to be used with them.

The sticker counts are also changing. Only a tiny hand-ful of games are actually making using of the 221 stickers provided on the current sheet. The new process is slower and more expensive, so cutting down the count is important to keep costs as low as possible. Therefore from now on the dice sticker sheets will only have 120 stickers per sheet. Also, 120 is divisible by 6 (for six-sided dice), which means you’ll have an even 20 custom dice per sheet. That should be more than enough for most games.
The token stickers are going to increase from 63 up to 72. This will help out those of you who like to sticker both sides of your tokens, because now you’ll have an even number of stickers. Also, 72 is sort of a magic number when it comes to games, because it means you can have an equal number for each player in a 4 player game (18 per player).

With these quality improvements, the price will be going up for both types of sheets to $2.75 per sheet. The price change has been reflected in all games with these sheets in them.

The process we’re using to cut the stickers now is quite a bit more expensive that the old process. When we originally launched the stickers we were eyeing price over quality and flexibility. We spent the past 3 months polling our top customers to get their opinions on whether they would choose quality and flexibility in these stickers, or if we should keep the same process and cheap price. To our surprise, all people who responded to our survey were in favor of the change to the more expensive, but higher quality stickers.

We realize that not everyone will agree with this change. We did not choose this path lightly. This change has gone into effect as of now. If your order number is 22311 or higher, then you have been automatically upgraded to the new sticker cutting process.

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