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Tradewars - Homeworld: The age of diplomacy

Well I wanted to take some "notes" about some of the "meta game" ideas that may be used during a game with the "Chancellor" role.

Types of Treaties:

Here are the different types of treaties.

  • I am the Chancellor, let us all draw +1 card: simple enough, just a way of introducing the "meta game" to the game itself...
  • Non-agression Pact: the allies will stick together and destroy the first player who goes on the offensive.
  • Mission treaties: on a per mission basis make deals to barter up help to defend a tradeship.
  • Formal Alliances: join forces to combat a common threat or play 2 versus 2 (in a 4 player game).
  • Trade Embargoes: stop a player from conducting more missions.

Voting Style:

Voting will be done such that 50% + 1% is the number of players required to successfully pass a treaty. For four (4) player games, it means three (3) out of four (4) players must vote for the treaty. In a three (3) player game, two (2) out of three (3) players must vote for the treaty.

In a dual, diplomacy is almost irrelevant since both players are at odds with each other ALL THE TIME. In this case for a treaty to pass, the other player must agree to the treaty.


Second Expansion

Although the game is not out yet, I am thinking about the "Second" Game Expansion for the game.

As we know the "First" Game Expansion will be the "Planetary" one that adds Planets to the mix for Missions to interact with those new cards. I plan to add with that one solitary scenario and one multiplayer scenario. I also want to add a section on "Diplomacy" in the Expansion rulebook (ways to use the meta game to get a more complete experience...)

The "Second" Game Expansion is tentatively called "Red Alert". I want to have a Rivalry game pad (expanded) which will indicate "threat" levels with each player. To this I would like to add an "Event" deck which works in tandem with the Rivalry pad.

In addition to the pad, event deck - I also want to add a NEW role: Security Officer. This role will be used with the other two (2) components to offer yet again a different style of gameplay.

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