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Tradewars - Homeworld: Artwork is DONE!

Well the good news is that our Artist completed the LAST illustration which was the Box Bottom. It was finished today - and I am rather pleased with his futuristic rendition of a "Homeworld".

Unlike our own solar system/Galaxy where we believe that life is probable elsewhere - but we cannot locate planets that have the elements required by life (as we know it), the Terrans come from a Galaxy where there are various planets suitable for life...

Each one of those "Homeworlds" are a base of exploration for the "Exterras".

The total count of distinct pieces of artwork is 37. Which is more than plenty to bring this game "to life"!

After the sale we will be in another phase of the game - mostly trying to spread the word about the game. During the Crowd Sale, I will attempt to demo the game at a Friendly Local Game Store - if they allow. They may be a little disappointed that the COST to produce the game is HIGH, making it not affordable for retail sales.

We shall see!



At the risk of hyperbole, Charles' art is at least as evocative as Jakub's for Scythe. I have not seen more beautiful artwork in a game...period.

Just celebrated...

Bought a couple cans of "Rickard's" White Belgium-Style Wheat Ale!

Finishing up the first can ... as a Celebration that ALL the artwork is done for the "First Edition" of the game! Awesome...

Promised Charles that I'd send him another paycheck for the remainder of the "First Edition" artwork.

As I mentioned to you in my e-mail, it's too bad the artwork is rather "small-ish" on the cards themselves. It kind makes the artwork a little bit underplayed. But still the cards look GREAT... You just look at the cards and say: "Wow they look like good illustrations!" But you're not as overwhelmed by the quality of the artwork (like a large JPG for example)...

No matter - the artwork still look great!

We'll see how things go with the Crowd Sale... I'm not pleased there are TWO (2) OTHER Crowd Sales going on... I hope they end BEFORE we start ours...

Keeping you all informed!

The Professor wrote:At the

The Professor wrote:
At the risk of hyperbole, Charles' art is at least as evocative as Jakub's for Scythe. I have not seen more beautiful artwork in a game...period.

Well I'm not marketing genius like Jamey Stegmeir - so I have no clue how well the game will be received... One thing I do know, I have invested a lot of time, money and effort into the game.

I've had several collaborators (including you!) and everyone has liked the game... It has come very far from the original - but humble days where starships were going to have shields! That was a mistake, battles would take FOREVER... lol

Let's just hope 100 copies of the game get sold. That's my GOAL (100 copies)...

Artwork and Review

Excellent-quality artwork, and a very favorable review by Father Geek. You're well on your way, Quest! :)

What's wrong about CANADA

I don't know if NEWS has been sent to the USA about the looming Canadian Postal Strike... Basically all letters & packages sent via the Canadian Post Office (or in collaboration with USPS) will be FROZEN... That's right packages sent to Canada will be, as one person put it, in LaLa Land. Call it LIMBO if you prefer.

Anyways the impact is MAJOR because shipping to Rural areas is done strictly by Canada Post. So UPS, FedEx, Purolator, DHL, and co. hand-off parcel deliveries to Canada Post...

What I think is a Freaken Joke is how a UNION can threaten the stability and economy of a Country... These people have way too much influence and power to simply decide that a strike should occur or that a lockout is inevitable.

Only in Canada, go figure... eh? :P

Joe's copy has been DELIVERED!

Well the good news is that our Proof (Game Set) was successfully delivered TODAY! I was worried that it might drag on another week - but the US Postal Service is pretty good at sending things within the USA. Something like a 2 day Priority Mail service. That's real good.

Anyways I now know that Joe can SHOW-OFF this Proof to the gamers since he has told me that there will be a "Game Marathon" over this holiday weekend.

I am glad he'll have OUR game to show the artwork, the rulebook, etc.

I'll definitely pick his brain to know what people thought of our "little game"!!!

Great milestone!

Excellent to hear Kris! I'd love to get a copy but shipping to Australia might put this game price up too high...

Thanks Hamish

As for shipping cost, I checked regular mail to Australia is $16. Same price as it is for Canada... So as long as you can wait, you can get the game at a relatively low cost.

In my earlier order, I needed the Proofs to be delivered ASAP since I am working on a tight schedule.

I have no idea how TGC prices shipping. Like Australia is further than Canada - yet it seems the shipping costs are exactly the same. Go figure?!

Anyways the only reason I suggest you get a copy - is because of expansion. I have a few designers who will be getting the game because they are interested in designing "scenarios" or "expansion ideas". Some have stated they don't want money for their ideas - and so I will of course credit everyone for whatever contribution they give... Others I will negotiate a royalty for the use of their ideas!

After this Crowd Sale, we will be approaching another Publisher in September. The sale will be in July-August and fulfillment will be probably towards September/October.

I was planning a 2nd Crowd Sale - now because of the timeline - we'll see of that is still possible or not.

Keeping you all informed!

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