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Tradewars - Homeworld: The "Death Spiral"

I guess it must be something about your game that you figure out the more the game is playtested...

We have NAMED the problem the "Death Spiral" and both Joe & I have seen the problem. So let me start by explaining the problem!

  • When one player get further ahead on the Treasury (Bank) and earns the right to a 2nd starship.

This is the catalyst for the "Death Spiral". Let me explain what happens next.

  • The player with 1 starship is always being attacked by his opponent who has 2 starships. Odd-wise it is likely that the player with 1 starship may lose his starship and have his Homeworld exposed on the next turn.

This process continues in a loop until the player with 1 starship loses the game to his opponent.

Okay so we have done some analysis and it's obvious that this pattern is only present to NEW players who are un-experienced with the game. Following our analysis, the obvious solution is BANKING enough quickSilver in order to secure a 2nd starship.

BUT this can be done in several different ways:

  1. Use the Treasurer role for 2 cards and put out another starship (3 cards)
  2. Use the Smuggler role and BANK 2 cards from your opponent and then put out another starships (3 cards leaving 2 or more cards in your hand).
  3. Use the Tactic cards to help ensure you win the battle. There are several Tactic cards that can help you in this matter...

Tactic #2 is NOT obvious but it is a good way to piss off your opponent (since he is pissing you off by attacking, why not give him some of his own medicine!)

Tactic #1 while inefficient still is a way to TRY to catch up. Lastly Tactic #3 is good if you have the right cards to prevent or alter the outcome of space battles.

So we have played the game ENOUGH to have found this "symptom" of a player being in "trouble" (in the game). We offer these Tactics as solutions to help PREVENT the occurrence of this problem...


Alternative Role rule

There is also a Role rule "variant" which specifies that you cannot use the SAME role in two (2) consecutive turns. This is of course OPTIONAL and may be decided upon by the players.

Nevertheless it will be in the rulebook for the First Edition of the game.

Unlike the Role priority rule (Role-based turn order) which will be left until the 2nd Expansion, this game variant will be available from the start.

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