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Tradewars - Homeworld: TO DO list

I figured I'd post up what needs editing in the current rulebook (version 0.09a). This is sort of a reminder to myself and a little bit of a sneak peek into what all these prototypes are all about (the type of changes).

So these are the changes that must be done for the latest rulebook:

  • Trade Starships may *defend* a Homeworld
  • Trade Starships use one (1) white d6 for the amount of turns (for reward)
  • No more Starship Abilities (Tactic cards instead)
  • Tactic cards used as *Instants* that can be played anytime

After those edits/modifications to the rulebook, we should have version 0.11a of the rulebook. We have merged changes for Prototype #9 and #10 together with #11. I did not make the changes since I knew more would be necessary.

Currently there will be a few outstanding issues left:

  1. Trade Starship may deplete their dice independent of the role chosen
  2. Fighter Starships may be deployed and attack on the same turn
  3. Engineer role should maybe be a default hand option

Point #1: In the rules it says you must use the Captain or Fleet Admiral roles to deplete the dice. This technicality is useless and should be removed. Dice deplete by one (1) on each turn!

Point #2: That rule should stay. A player may deploy a Fighter starship on one turn and that same starship may attack ONLY on the NEXT turn.

Point #3: I'm not decided yet. It seems sometimes irrelevant to have low scoring cards further into the game. But at the same times, it pays to sometimes use the other available roles. Need to reflect on this one further.

That's the list as of tonight (and the playtests we did today)!


New Rule

I know when playing the game, casual gamers were content to have the starships they configured in the space lane. Although I remember saying you could remove a starship from the space lane (at no cost), they did not want to do that... ever! :P

So the new rule that I am thinking of applying is this:

-The cost to retreat from the Space Lane = Firepower + Resistance.

So if you have 2 Firepower and 1 Resistance = 3 point cost. Perhaps this rule might get *lost* with the rest of the game - but that's what I plan to write in the next revision of the rulebook.

We'll see if that one sticks or not!

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