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Tradewars - Homeworld: Facebook Contest

Well so far we have 197 LIKES for our product page. That means that potentially we have 197 contestants interested in our Facebook Contest.

That may or may not be 100% accurate...

Just as an FYI, if any designers are interested in the Facebook Contest, feel free to LIKE our product page - and when I get to your entry, I will send you a FRIENDS invite so I can SHARE with your the information about the contest.

Note: I ask that people don't share this information with the whole world, in any case other Photograph submissions will be ignored. Not unless you have followed the process from start to beginning will I include you in the Facebook Contest...


What's the PRIZE?

Forgot, I figured I state here that there are 10 PRIZES to this FREE Facebook Contest.

10 lucky winners out of a short list of 50 contestants will be forever immortalized in our game as various Premium Role cards. These role cards are of various characters/roles you may use on your turn (1 role/turn).

The selection process will produce 50 contestants that will be ultimately judged and chosen by VOTING of Kickstarter backers. That's right EACH Backer will have the right to ONE (1) vote for each of the ten (10) roles.

The winners (decided by the backers), will be posted and our artist will create unique photo-editing of the various pictures.

VOTING is virtually FREE, okay so it costs you $1.00 at minimum. To me that's ALMOST FREE. So if you just want to get in on the voting, all you need is to pledge $1.00 and we'll send you the voting link when voting time comes around...

I apologize

BTW I know I had posted something about the contest on BGDF. But for the life of me, I can't find out WHERE??? :(

So I'm sorry if I double-posted this "thread". I put it in my Blog so that I will have a reminder where it is... And not post this link a third or fourth time! :)

Again sorry!

Just a FYI

Our Facebook Contest reached out to over 10,000+ Facebook users! We're very glad that 509 people LIKED our post... We've been in the process of trying to convert those likes to product LIKES...

Bottom line: over 10,000+ people were advised that we were having a Facebook contest and that has helped raise awareness about our game!

Again, for all the designers or their families, the contest is 100% FREE, voting will be done via our game's Backers... Which again is virtually FREE, spend $1.00!

Just a few sidenotes for FYI

Just a few sidenotes for FYI (I admin FB pages at work for companies):

1. LIKE requests do not reach everyone. You can send out hundreds of requests but only a small portion of them is received.

2. POSTING does not reach everyone. You can post while you have 1.000 fans and only reach +/- 100 of them. This can only be changed by paying money for each post.

3. An increased amount of FANS reduces the amount of fans you reach via like requests and more important: via posts. The more fans you have, the less you reach. This means: The more you have to pay per post.

The companies im working for almost stopped their facebook activities because it does not make much sense anymore.

maybe it works for some people out there (especially if you have a budget), but thats just my personal experience

Spent the weekend updating

I designed a *NEW* logo for our game "Tradewars - Homeworld". And I had the challenging task of updating every image that had our logo in it. Well it turns out that was difficult because while the new logo looked good on the Box Cover (we posted it on Facebook - if you want to have a look), it looked lost on our Card Back.

So I had to go back to the drawing board, and try to find something more fitting... It took hours but I finally found something that worked with the new logo. The only thing is that it is MORE aggressive because the hues used are oranges and reds... A very passionate picture.

Since that was the case, I figured I'd re-use another 3D Rendering of two (2) cards, the old logo compared to the new one, both on their respective Card Backs.

All in all the process of updating all the images took about four (4) hours and then some, for the new card back.

But it was time well spent... Since I think the product looks real sharp now!


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