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Tradewars - Homeworld: Father Geek Approved!

If anyone is interested in taking a read at Mr. Cirus Kirby's review (Aka Father Geek) of our game ("Tradewars - Homeworld").

Here is the link:

I will of course be updating "The Game Crafter" (TGC) website with the Accolade to help buyers feel more secure with their purchase: "They are buying a really good game..."

Lot's of positive feedback from all groups - and smart lessons learned about just how rewarding playing the game can actually be.

Cheers everyone!


That's a great review.

That's a great review. Congrats!

I must say...

This is the 2nd review that I have gotten that understands that the game is not about "repetition", it's about "optimal moves". Father Geeks explains this very clearly and it is an important distinction.

Because at each turn you play, you are trying to do the MOST you can to give you the advantage in the game. Does this mean earning another starship quickly so you can launch a couple of attacks to do damage to a player's Homeworld, or does it simply mean reinforcing your defenses with a stronger crew (for example).

And the challenge is that you will have to figure out if it is better to play a card as part of a starship or as part of your deck. Strategically speaking early skirmishes at the beginning of the game can impact the game in the later rounds. Because in later rounds, your deck will have more cards and you may not want to "buy" cards for your deck - and so with a "given" deck - you're again taken to figuring out what cards are best played on your or your opponent's turn (Tactics).

Lastly you may not have the cards you want when you come up with a change in strategy. Building your hand from your deck is a process. Doing it without anyone noticing is paramount - otherwise someone may foil your careful planning with the use of the "Smuggler" role (opponent discards 2 cards randomly and you bank them...)

Anyhow what may seem a little repetitious to some - makes for an interesting challenge to others. Plus since this game was designed for expansion, we plan to release an expansion that will add even more depth to the game (it's just not for *newbies* - the expansion!)


Very Cool

I will definitely look into buying this!

Great review

This certainly looks to have more depth than most drafting card games I've seen. The finished art is spectacular.

It's different

You draft cards from the upgrade piles and put them into your discard pile.

Just like most Deck-Builders: delayed gratification.

But now that amazing card is now part of your deck... Well yes and no. It may be a super strong starship that you may want to configure and deploy... And then that card is no longer part of your deck!

However you may have a tactical advantage over your opponent... And maybe you can configure a couple of starships to destroy his defenses and pierce through to his homeworld!

As for the artwork, an independent review/art test has given us a score of 94%. That's pretty darn good! :) So the artwork is real nice and the game is also very fun.


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