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Tradewars - Homeworld: First Run

So I have gotten a 2nd quote for the new version of the game. It still excludes shipping costs to me, so I am waiting for that amount to get an idea to the total cost to make the First Run production.

I have also contacted Delano in the U.S. to see if they can match a price from my current manufacturer. They claim to have competitive manufacturing once you add the costs of shipping (and possible duties on the merchandise).

Although I am still FAR away from production, I still need to prepare for the Kickstarter - for the artwork... In additional we (my artist and I) need to discuss some preliminary artwork that needs to get done. I want to make sure I *firm up* on the manufacturer so that I can stick to one set of templates for the various bleeds that need to occur... For things like the box, player's custom mat, etc.

But I am moving forwards, never the less. I hope to get a TGC prototype made of the game, so that I can use that for future playtests. One thing I have learned is the more FINISHED your product looks, the better the reviews you will get from playtesters. So I want a decent looking prototype with place-holder artwork.

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