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Tradewars - Homeworld: Future Expansion

So I know there is a thread talking about "expansion" ( and it directly related to "Tradewars - Homeworld". I want to *open* up the game's expansion capabilities by offering designers the opportunity to submit expansion games (to be published by my Publisher).

So I mentioned in the thread one (1) idea I had for a solo/co-op expansion. This will be my first expansion for the game since it has a dual purpose. This scenario will be known as "Space Invaders". It may or may not include a new role such as the "Scientist" (because I think the Exterra might need to conceive of a virulent weapon to defeat The Hive).

However I am also interested in the Planetary expansion which could add Planets to the game. Not sure how this would be implemented but it's something I'm interested in. Maybe the scenario could be called "New Worlds"... TBD?!

To this I add the scenario I call "Privateer" where one player plays the role of Space Pirates and the other players try to capture the elusive Pirate Leader.

Another scenario idea which is called "Lost In Space", it gets players to compete in order to find a missing starship amongst a series of sectors/planets in space.

I also have a scenario which would use "mining" of asteroids instead of using "Trade Starships" for Missions. This is purely a replacement mechanism for Missions and I hope (once designed) it can be use with any of the other scenarios.

Lastly I have a couple of other scenarios that may be worthwhile exploring further for future expansions.

All in all, there are quite a few ideas for future expansions. By designing for an OPEN mechanism for generating new expansions by other designers, I imagine there will be a lot more ideas... And I hope by mentioning the ones above, they may generate new ideas also!

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