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Tradewars - Homeworld: Making games is costly

Here is a screen capture of my latest "The Game Crafter" (TGC) Order. A whooping $93.67 for two (2) Game Sets AT COST.

I have other plans for SELLING this game - because TGC is so pricey. I will of course maintain the game for sale via TGC (for online purchases) but I will be looking for other avenues to try and lower the cost to produce and resell the game.

Just wanted to show how pricey it can be!


Why on earth is the shipping

Why on earth is the shipping $50?

Holy moly

Essentially you need two sets right? To play PvP?

I assume there's a slower postage option that's cheaper.

How about international post cost? Any idea on that?

Yeah it's expensive

@Calvin: Yeah it costs me more to ship them than it costs to make them!

Because I wanted it between 10-15 business days with tracking and it is being shipped to Canada. Yeah, the pricing was even worst until the community fought back.

But still the Canadian shipping costs are still very high.

@Hamish: No clue about International - but there is a cheaper option which is $16.12 with no tracking and a time of 20-45 days.

I need the proof prototypes in a couple of weeks if I want to stay on-schedule for the sale. But it goes to show you, making games is an expensive proposition. If you live in the USA - lucky you... I believe the shipping would have been around $10.00.

What can I say - unreasonable and unlikely I get many people buying from Canada at those rates... Even if the game is -40% discounted.

Oh yeah you need TWO (2) Game Sets to play a DUEL. I want to demo the game in-stores (FLGS) and see if they'll allow me or not. I also wanted copies to PROOF. Make sure there aren't any errors.

For what its worth when i

For what its worth when i ordered Into the Black previews from TGC i chose the cheaper untracked shipping option. The wait to manufacture was 3 weeks but i got the game to my door within 5 days of it shipping.

I know its not tracked or guaranteed but the 20+ days is a huge overestimate i think.

These are PROOFS

And I need them early rather than late. I will go demo the game at a local game store (FLGS) - but I need to be certain the cards are all okay - no errors such as wrong numbers, spelling errors, etc.

I know I have used the cheaper rate on many purchases and it does send me the tracking information. And usually it doesn't take too long either. But once the package went to the wrong city and even with tracking information I saw that the package was ALMOST going to be lost.

It eventually made it - but very tardy.

I don't want that to happen with these two (2) Game Sets. Getting them early is what I would like to make sure they are all okay and look good in print. And then I can rest assured that the cards will be good for the sale.

My wait to manufacture is only 1 week and hopefully another 1 week to ship. So I should have them in early July...

But shipping options to Canada are EXPENSIVE. Really wish TGC would at least TRY some other shipping options. Ship Naked would cost me $8.00 to ship two (2) game sets... (in the event of a KS campaign for example).

Anyhow - neither here or there - the cost of doing business...


Wow, that is very expensive

Wow, that is very expensive shipping. Makes one wonder how much it would cost if you where to ship to Europe, or more specific, The Netherlands.

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