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Tradewars - Homeworld: Mega Marathon

Well I just completed what to me SEEMS like a "Mega Marathon"! I just edited about twenty nine (29) cards for the PRE-Release version of "Tradewars - Homeworld". I added all the NEW artwork from the last batch that have been finalized and created all the The Game Crafter (TGC) cards with the correct bleed. It's quite the process:

  1. First I need to scale the original artwork to 2.5" in width and make sure there is more than 2.0" in height allowance.
  2. I then need to apply a mask region to the image so that it fits correctly on the card.
  3. Then I need to EDIT the template with all the correct banners, buttons, colors and text to match the artwork (based on a card number).
  4. Next I need to SAVE the completed templated as a PNG file with 300 dpi resolution.
  5. Once I have the PNG file, next I need to open it, copy & paste the card into the TGC bleed template.

And I needed to do this for twenty nine (29) cards. I still have not completed the card backs for the double sided upgrade cards (buy piles). I will work on that tomorrow and hope that I can complete the twenty (20) dual sided cards with the right content...

Understandably I only have one (1) piece of completed "Resource" artwork. But this illustration may be on several cards and so I might be able to complete more than just a few card backs with the correct artwork.

It a lengthy process but I hope to finalize it tomorrow (even with some cards just having placeholder artwork).



Whef... Finally done!

Feels good to have the product UPDATED with the latest artwork. I have finished both Card Faces and Card Backs for ALL of the cards in the PRE-Release.

There is still 21 pieces of artwork missing... 17 required by the PRE-Release edition. The 4 extra pieces of artwork will go into the "Art Bundle" and make up that milestone of the project.

All chips are in and I'm invested in hopefully making this game a success.

I still need to do some more FAN-Based "reaching out" to people and start trying to HELP market the game... As I have heard before, even if you have fans of a game, that doesn't always translate to direct sales.

But I am going to see what people think about the game... See if they want to spread the word out that we will be selling the game in July 2016.

Any form of communication about the game is helpful. So I'm going to be back in full force communicating with my fans!

Cheers everybody.

When I was playing football

When I was playing football in college, we had a saying: Work, Hard Work. It was used for all the ridiculous and insane things we did to get ready for a game.

In a board game context, I think the saying applies to what you're doing now.

So, keep it going. Work, hard work.

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