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Tradewars - Homeworld: New resources

Currently as of this writing the game only has three (3) resources:

  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Technology

However thinking about the *new* SOLO scenario that will be bundled with the game's next expansion, I think this revised list might be more appropriate:

  • Alloy
  • Contraband
  • Food
  • Isotopes
  • Medicine
  • Minerals
  • Polymers
  • Technology
  • Weaponry

I think this is a good, new list. It makes for better differentiation of the game's resources and adds new levels of possibilities to the Trade SOLO scenario.

Depending on what planet, some could be like "Rogue" planets that need "Weaponry", "Isotopes" and "Contraband" while others could be "Peaceful" planets that need "Medicine", "Technology" and "Food", etc. Make for much more variety in the SOLO Trade scenario.


Variety is the spice of life

I believe that a Planet could have the need for at most four (4) different resources. Some may only have three (3) or even two (2).

I don't know how I will balance the cards out yet. For one, there was a Storyline that followed three threads. I am not happy with the storyline and probably want to do a *rewrite* of it, but making the story follow from card #1 to card #2 to card #3 without requiring interweaving of the story.

As they say KISS. And right now it isn't...

Moreover I think I want to tell a different type of story. More intrigue and perhaps even remove quickSilver currency and go back to credits or space bucks.

This would also affect the rulebook - since quickSilver is the name of the currency currently used in the game. We'll see, I want a better storyline and I'm not happy with the whole rare element called quickSilver...

Too much of a good thing


I would be wary of over-reach with regard to different resources. While some games, such as Marco Pranzo's Historia does a great job diluting everything down to a singular cube, arguably there are other games which succeed with several resources under the players' control. However, your KISS principle is want to add the right amount of complexity to make it challenging, but not so much that a.) it becomes an exercise in bookkeeping, or b.) it should be relegated to a video game, because there's simply too much for the players to handle for a board game.


Still going to be KISS

While there will be MORE resources in the game - I can NOW picture the SOLO and MULTIPLAYER mode of this SOLO scenario. What I am aiming for is to remove either Missions or Tactics from the game, players choose which one it will be.

Using a Black dice as a counter, each player advances through his pile of fifteen (15) planets. The player with the HIGHEST score wins.

My goal is to simulate TRADE with different planets and I think this could work for BOTH SOLO and MULTIPLAYER scenarios. Obviously there will be some differences (like the United Trade Cartel). However I am considering using this SOLO scenario to add another layer of complexity to the game...

But I still want to keep the game KISS...

Update: I think you would have to remove Missions. Why? Because they are an ALTERNATE source of earning credits... Tactics are good for firefights and space battles. I think removing them and leaving Missions would be a mistake.

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