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Tradewars - Homeworld: New Year Wish

Well currently we are waiting for a lab (near the Boston area) to take a *serious* look at our game "Tradewars - Homeworld". When I say *serious* is because the team that will playtest the game will be doing so blindly. That's right no coaching allowed...

I am really excited to see what comes of those playtests. In addition to answers to some questions (sort of a Q&A), the person responsible for the playtesting will add to the answers testing *background* about each player. My guess is that in addition to age, maybe that may include game genre preferences.

We will see how well our game is received and hopefully this will allow us to approach yet another publisher.

OUR New Year's wish - well it's an easy one: get Published!!! Happy New years to all the BGDF members! Hopefully 2015 is the year "Tradewars - Homeworld" hits the game store shelves around the USA & Canada!


play-testers needed?

If you're looking for play-testers, please let me know, as I'm a Developer for Compass Games and have served as the A-Team play-tester group for the past five years for Strategy & Tactics and Modern War magazines. We've play-tested over three dozen games, I including Red Dragon/Green Xrescent, Norway 1940, and Red Tide West.


The more the merrier!

Hello Joe,

I'm always trying to see if more people are interested in my game. Tell you what: if I can get the copies of the game sent back to me, I can ship out four (4) copies of the game and then maybe you and your crew can have a look and let me know what you guys think of the game.

Having more playtesters for the game is *fantastic* news. I should get news from the lab in the month of January. Then I can maybe pay for the organizer to snail mail you the copies of the game.

Please remember that there is hardly any artwork since we are waiting for a publisher to give us the go ahead with regards to it. We have an artist and a budget, just no financing to make the game without publication.

So that's also our dilemma: we want the publisher to use our artist. This is best for small to medium sized publishers - especially if they like the artwork!

I'll keep you posted and let you know... Thanks!

About the artwork

If you want to know what kind of artwork the artist can do, look at these samples (here on BGDF):

Just some samples I posted up. The card design was done by Ed Wedig and myself. He mostly worked on selecting more appropriate fonts and I worked on defining what the card would look like...

Play-Testing at your service


Thanks for reaching out to me ~ this may prove mutually beneficial, as there's a Designer with whom I'm working in need of an artist with a flair for sci-fi, and it appears as though your artist may be the answer.

I look forward to receiving the game and having it play-tested for you!


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