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Tradewars - Homeworld: "Planetary Missions"

Hello all,

I am announcing the FIRST OFFICIAL Expansion of "Tradewars - Homeworld": "Planetary Missions".

This first expansion will feature BOTH "Missions" + "Planets". In addition by adding the expansion cards to the mix, the AVERAGE resource value is 3.0.

That's right 3.0: God's number! :P

It took a lot of analysis and then some tweaking to squeak out a PERFECT 3.0 all across the board.

So what does it mean?

Well it means that each resource card has an equal TRADE VALUE = 3.0. This means that there is no card which is better than the other... But wait one moment... These are the resources, NOW I get to build the "Planetary" Bonus System!!! This system will break the 3.0 trade value by adding more resource points and sometimes by adding multipliers.

This will be a BIG task in itself. I don't want an EXACT balance... On the contrary, here I want to take into consideration the quantity of cards which vary between 5, 8 and 12. Since they all average out to 3.0, it will be easier to determine what kind of bonuses I offer via the Planetary cards.

Question: So what will be included in the "Planetary Missions" Expansion?

Good question, here is the component breakdown:

  • 15 Mission cards
  • 15 Planetary cards
  • 3 white d6s
  • 1 "United Trade Cartel" solitary scenario card

In addition to just having "starships" as the Base/Original game will have. We will need to distinguish between two (2) classes of ships: starships and tradeships.


2nd Expansion: "Code Red"

The Second Expansion ("Code Red") will include the following components:

  • 15 Event cards: 5 Hostile, 5 Neutral and 5 Ally
  • Special game pad to keep track of each player's attitude
  • A premium role card known as the "Security Liaison"
  • 4 purple acrylic cubes
  • 1 purple d6 dice (counter)

This second expansion will feature "Events" and a special "Attitude" game pad extension. This game pad extends the treasury by connecting the pad to it's edge.

The NEW premium role card "Security Liaison" allows for two different play options:

  • One or more opposing attitudes may be adjusted (by one each)
  • OR the current "Event" card may be discard and the player may choose to search for the next "Event" (active event)

This expansion will also feature the Role-Based Turn Order option for even deeper strategic decision making... You will need to plan your moves ahead of actually doing them. This will give even veteran gamers more things to think of when playing the game using this variant...

Note: I modified "searching" for an "Event" instead of having to go card by card, because this just seemed lame. If you are dealing with Hostile opponents, might as well choose the matching "Hostile Event" card you would like to use next...

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