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Tradewars - Homeworld: Preliminary artwork

Sample box cover

So my artist has sent me a *low* resolution sample of the Box cover artwork...

I think it looks way kewl... I'm not certain about the logo (because it's what I used for the cardback). I have another rendition from Ed Wedig that I may use for the box - but not the cardback...

Comments welcome, please let me know what you think!

P.S.: Happy New Years to everyone! Yay!!!



A very handsome cover. Interesting and vibrant.

Updated version

I have *updated* the box cover with the logo designed by Ed Wedig. It think this looks much better than the older medal - which did not suit the overall design of the cover!

Suggestion: either move the

Suggestion: either move the logo down just a bit, or shift the background image to the left a bit. The "v" in the middle of one of the line is getting lost in the white edge of the planet.


Good point

I'll try to *shift* if down... There isn't enough room to move the image to the left. I also *pushed up* the "Homeworld" portion so that there seems to be a more even distribution between "Tradewars" and "Homeworld".

I had to *remove* the noise in the "Bands" because they needed to be applied to a *transparent* background. And when I applied the colour burn to the transparent section, it did not work... I'll try to work with it some more...

Update: I played around with the layers from the logo file - and got the colour burn to work on the cover by pasting the layers directly. Copy-Merge did not work... So I had to do manual copies of the layers (to get the effect to work).

Preliminary card preview


So I will tell you all that I will be keeping the *preliminary* card artwork SECRET...

After the box cover has been displayed - so no one leaks it - we will also be having card artwork that will get done soon. However the card artwork will remain *under covers* so that the publisher has access to exclusive artwork not seen by anyone but them...

I know I have shown some *sample* cards with placeholder artwork... Those will be the only samples that will be available. When the game gets release, then you can expect some more preview artwork.

But for now, the box cover will have to do! :)

This is the latest version

I got Ed's *blessing* about the logo - Ya I know the Chevron was being obscured by the planet in the background. I just was concerned that the title would not fit in the space if I lowered it...

I'm really happy about the lighting effect on the "Homeworld" portion of the logo... It looks like real shiny silver (metallic-look).

Preliminary artwork is DONE

So I got an e-mail today from my artist and he has sent me the three (3) other pieces of artwork... Combined with the Box Cover, that is all of the *preliminary* artwork. As I mentioned earlier, I will keep the newest pieces of artwork *secret* and not upload them...

I want to keep that artwork for the Publisher eyes only. Obviously I will *re-design* the cards for the pieces of artwork so that the cards will appear *as they should be* when you buy the game!

Note: There was only one minor detail that needs correction. A re-wording of sorts. I wanted the name of the Rifle Manufacturer instead of its name (which is already on the card). Should be a very minor detail to correct!

Updated version has been sent

Today I received the *corrected* version of the "Riviera Gauss Rifle" (which had some text blocked by the card type banner). I then designed the *new* card and then produced low resolution samples that I sent to the publisher.

Yup: the artwork is now in the hands of the publisher.

I hope they will like the Box Cover and the three (3) sample cards we have sent. I even took the time to add "Flavour Text" to the card samples just to give a more complete vision of the product. In other words, I thought it would be a mistake to simply send the samples with "Flavour Text" as the description of two (2) of the cards!

Now I can only hope they take the time to review the artwork and that their response to both the rulebook and artwork is positive...!

I will keep everyone up-to-date with our progress...

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