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Tradewars - Homeworld: The PROOFING begins

Well today I received two (2) Game Sets which I will be using for multiple purposes:

A> I will proof all the cards for errors.
B> I will use these sets to play the game at a FLGS.

I am amazed how nice the "rulebook" turned out. I was very worried that the writing would be too small. But the thing that saves it is that it is Black on White. So there is very HIGH contrast even thought the writing is kind of "small-ish".

Cards look awesome, and the dual-sided cards are also impressive. The numbers are still very visible from across the table (which was another concern for proofing a physical copy of the game).

All-in-all I am very pleased with how the proofs look. Tomorrow (since it is a holiday) I will visit family and have a 3rd party proof the game also. It's the only way to ensure that I haven't missed any typos or errors.

Looks like one (1) last piece of artwork (Box Bottom) and then we will be ready for the "Crowd-Sale" that is due to start next month...

Keeping you all posted!


A quick check reveals 2 card errors

A quick once-over the card reveals that 2 cards are in error for the "description" of the card (which means 6 cards need to be actually fixed).

It's going to take over 1 hour to proof everything to the finest of detail.

I hope family will be willing to go through the cards. It's a very detail oriented task - and I'm hoping I won't get "blasted"! lol

I'm going to do more proofing tonight. Things like "card titles" and "values". I'm going to leave "text" and "flavor text" to the last pass.

Nice :)

Thanks for the update, I can't wait to see what you've come up with.

Remember, you do have a

Remember, you do have a Developer...hee-hee

My hands are sort of tied :(

I understand you are available to proof. My problem is this:

  • I only have 2 copies (Proofs) with me.
  • If I send you 1 copy, I will not be able to playtest (FLGS).
  • I will need to order from TGC a new copy, you'll have to wait until it is delivered...

I would greatly appreciate your assistance...

Let me think about it - I will make the corrections for the errors that I have found and then check the TGC's Status and see when a copy can be delivered at your doorstep...

You know you stare at the screen for hours and then you stare at the cards for hours... And it's not easy to make sure there are 0 errors...

Update: I have done and uploaded/proofed the correction. I have ordered 1 Game Set to be delivered to YOU. It says manufacturing will be completed on 1 July and shipping should take 2-3 days only. So we're still on track - but things are starting to get tight (not too many days left...) :)

You might want to check out

You might want to check out Tabletop Simulator for playtesting. It requires no programming knowledge whatsoever, just uploading card images and setting up a digital table with your cards. With it, I've been able to playtest 3 times a week with friends (about 9 games a week) plus its much easier (for me at least) to solo my game, which has been pretty instrumental as well.

Could be helpful for proofing...

Great Advice


You may want to go the route recommended by Squinshee. I've played a few games out there and by my estimation it's secure in the sense you can decide who has access. Might be the way to go, especially given the number of decks you have available to you.


Finally got my re-direction WORKING! :)

So it's been about 1 week since I have tried to get my DOMAIN ( to re-direct to my Facebook (FB) page. I wanted a quick way of using my domain to re-direct people to different sites according to what is happening with the game.

For example, NOW before the Crowd Sale, I am pointing the URL to FB. But during the Crowd Sale, the link will automatically re-direct to the SALE page where people can decide IF they want to buy the game or not.

After the sale, the URL will point to the TGC TWHW page (at regular price). This is because as we promote our game further, we want people to prepare for the NEXT Crowd Sale which will occur in October/November.

We will of course be "talking" more about the game on Board Game Geek (BGG) and try to build a small but loyal fan base for the game there... We'll see how that goes and there is a lot of work to be done from here forwards.


Why does it say board

Why does it say board game?
Should it not be card game?

There is no "card game" category... :(

So the next closest thing was "Board Game" or "Games/Toys". I chose "Board Game" because I thought it fit better than "Toys"...

Who-ever is giving the

Who-ever is giving the options. Is unfamiliar with card games? Yeah, you got the best choice then.

Any way, I will follow as much as possible.

Found another error...

This time the error is in the "rulebook". It seems as if an end of paragraph was copied onto the next page. The result is that the paragraph on the previous page ends abruptly and the next page has an extra bit...

I will make the corrections to the rulebook tomorrow night.

Just looking over the rulebook and I found this error... Darn it. Thought the final proof sent would have NO ERRORS. Such is not my luck! :(

More proofing to make sure the end-product is error-free! :)

Just got the PROMO cards today

The promotional cards are real basic the Tradewars - Homeworld Card Back and a nice blue colored star field with our "www" link.

As I said, I am going to TRY to see IF I can DEMO the game LIVE during the SALE... The promotional cards are as reference... I'm not going to make millions of dollars at a profit of $5.00 per game! :P

But the goal is to interest people in playing the game. Seeing if they like and want to play it again. It's mostly for more exposure to see if we can build a small GAMER community around the game.

And I know of the perfect store - for the DEMOS. About 20 minutes away by car, and there is plenty of free parking in that area...

So we'll see IF they give us the OK. If they do, I'll run demos maybe on two (2) separate days (weekends - a Saturday and a Sunday).

Keeping you informed! Cheers.

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