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Tradewars - Homeworld: Publication

So we have contacted our FIRST publisher regarding our game. Back in 2012, we contacted this publisher to ask what their *submission policy* was. The response we got back was very *positive*. And so we decided to follow-up on our initial e-mail with some details about our game.

Well it turns out, the publisher has re-contacted us and asked for us to send some sample cards and our game's rulebook. We have responded to that request and have explained that we will have some preliminary artwork in the month of January!

We hope our rulebook and sample artwork will be well received and that the publisher will be looking forwards to seeing our preliminary artwork for the game...

Keep you all posted with regard to our progress.


Congratulations! One of the

Congratulations! One of the hardest parts is always just letting someone else see the work. I'm looking forward to hearing more.


Thanks for your encouraging words! I will keep the community updated as to the status of the game.

This is one thing that I have done from the beginning and it was to document the evolution of the game using *THIS* website... I've covered many aspects of the game in my Blog or in posts about the game and its evolution. I did not want to start my own *website* about how the game was developed because I figured there would not be sufficient material and I would probably not get many visitors:

I mean who is going to find a website that can't be found by Google - forget that. Who would even know what to *search* for???!!! ;)

I am very thankful for this wonderful website! A great way to talk about your game(s), shared ideas, help other people out, and just keep abreast of all of the different games that are being developed by people like myself!

Note: This has reminded me to donate $20.00 to support this website! Thanks Seth! :D

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