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Tradewars - Homeworld: Publication (2x)

Although at the moment I am still waiting for a response from a publisher, I have begun searching for another *match* in terms of what I feel I am looking for in a publisher.

By accident, I have found another *small* publisher which may also be in line with what I am looking for. I will be waiting for about 1 more month to get a response from the current publisher and if we get no response, we will inevitably move on to another publisher.

This new publisher may be small, but they may also be looking for a game such as our that allows for *expansion* and release of new game scenarios. That's also what I am looking for: a publisher that wants to get involved with *expansions* and people I can bounce ideas off. Aside from sales power, this is one of my major factors in the choice of a publisher...

We will see what happens in the upcoming month!


Blind playtesting

I am also considering *blind playtesting*... The *newer* publisher asks that a game be blind tested before being submitted. I know of a group who may be able to test my game given sufficient notice.

Blind playtesting means no coaching or explaining of the game, players READ the rulebook and then play the game. Nothing more complicated.

And so with the playtest next month, I have to consider if I will be willing to have the game blind playtested... perhaps in March (our 1 year anniversary)!

No BGG - yet

So I found an interesting fact regarding some publishers:

-They don't want games that ALREADY have a Board Game Geek (BGG) profile!

I found this interesting because I was contemplating if I should put my current WIP on BGG. And I guess the answer should be: "Let the publisher handle those details."

I also have not invested in designing a website - because again some publisher prefer having games with less exposure...

The other aspect I was also thinking about is getting my game reviewed. Could be just for a play through video, but again, I think I'll wait and let the publisher handle the *marketing* of the game once we establish a firm relationship with one of them!

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