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Tradewars - Homeworld: The Quest for Review

I have been planning on making enough copies of the game to distribute to various "Game Reviewers". My goal is to target 10 reviewers and see what each on thinks about the game. Also would be nice to have a few videos to explain how the game plays out...

I started with Del Laird and his offer to BUY 8mm acrylic cubes. I liked the idea and it's something I wanted to offer with the game instead of the old wooden cubes. Well the cubes came in and they are ... totally AWESOME!

I have enough for the 20 prototypes and about 30 left over... No problems the price was well worth the cubes and how professional they look.

Next I went to a local game store (thanks for the suggestion @Soulfinger). And had them order me 130 dice for the reviewer copies. Picked up all of those today and they also look real professional. If they don't keep the game sets, at least they will keep the dice and cubes! ;)

Each copy will cost me $21.77 which is fairly reasonable. They are still prototypes so it is more than likely that the cards will not be kept because these are "previews" of an up-and-coming game that I am trying to launch by getting sufficient funds to pay for the artwork.

But it's a "lofty" goal and I need to know what reviewers will think of the game itself... A handful of videos can also help in promoting the game! So that's our next "baby step" - finding a couple good reviews for our game.


Good to hear! Once the levy

Good to hear! Once the levy breaks......the game will be made!

Great to hear!


That's great news...I'm looking forward to obtaining the Florida feedback and moving to the next cycle of play-testing.


Ten (10) reviewer baggies ready

Well I finally sat down and went through the dice I had bought and the acrylic cubes and made up 20 baggies with the right amount of both.

Took me about 1 hour but time went by fast.

Thanks to Del Laird for the Acrylic cubes - they will be put to good use. And the dice, well Game Keeper provided me with all of those! They are a Montreal-based store that sells all kinds of dice, games, smurfs, more dice, etc... :D

All that remains is re-editing the cards such that I have the NEWEST version of the game (with the new storylines and resources). Also must revise the Mission cards (still waiting for Florida feedback - I want to know what they thought about those cards...)

I also need to figure out how DriveThruCards works with their PDF files. I guess I need to use InDesign and I am not very familiar with that particular software... I'll spend some time tomorrow playing around on my "Design Computer" (the place I keep my innermost secret plans - MouHaha!) No it's just an offline system with design tools (like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign).

So there is progress - the component baggies are DONE!


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