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Tradewars - Homeworld: Stories to be told

It's kind of funny that I'm designing a game and thinking about what to do with another! My current Work-In-Progress (WIP) is nearly complete: I will be having a publisher blind test the game given our rulebook.

However on the side, I have been thinking about Quest AC and how I wanted the game to be more about "story-telling".

The funny part is how my WIP has begun to generate the kind of results that I wanted my other game (Quest) to have...

My playtesters having played the game so many times are now beginning to tell stories about their game matches. And I feel that this is one component I had not counted on when I originally designed the game. It's a sci-fi battle game, not some role-playing adventure game! ;)

So it's a bit strange that players are talking about things like: "You KNOW that time you got lucky with that initiative role!" or "I can't believe I suck so bad at rolling dice!" or "Soldier" with major sarcasm...

It's really cool that my playtester have really embraced the game and are talking about it (including trash talking!) With just a casual gamers group, I hope discussions will be even more intense with four (4) person versus games and for the more hard-core gamer crowd.

Maybe I won't be able to design a "better" Quest, 2nd Edition. But I can at least be happy some of what I was hoping to design is already been enjoyed...


Tactic cards

I almost forgot that I did not yet get the chance to playtest the new (relatively) Tactic cards.

Those cards were designed to really spark players interest in more strategic play. I am seriously hoping that these cards add even more *spice* to the game such that even better, more interesting stories get told! :D

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