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Tradewars - Homeworld: Towards success

Well I have been re-thinking everything that I have been working on based on a professional opinion. Although my game may pass the Publisher's Blind Playtesting and they may like the game, my art budget may not be so well received... :(

So I decided to go back to the drawing board and try to devise new strategies to be able to produce "Tradewars - Homeworld". After taking a good look at my options, I have concluded that a Kickstarter for the game is possible...

It would be a possibility if negotiations fail with the Publisher. And my conclusion is that if one Publisher says no, it will probably mean the other will also say no (to the art budget - not to the game itself).

Therefore the conclusion is that a Kickstarter would be MORE risky however it may pay off and give me a better return in the end. So I have the option to Kickstart the artwork or not. It doesn't leave me desperate to take any deal the Publisher will give me.

I have re-designed my *temporary* Kickstarter page for the game and have added a few EXTRA rewards that will be very interesting to some people. I am even selling the basic game (one set) for a reasonable $40.00 (or $37.00 early-bird special)! That also includes shipping (with tracking and delivery confirmation)...

It's good to have options... We'll see how the Blind Playtests go and more importantly the results of the negotiations for the art budget!...


So... do you have a print and

So... do you have a print and play for me? For a playtest?
No need for art ;)

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