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Tradewars - Homeworld: Transformation

This weekend I am working hard in re-developing the game WITHOUT the "Mission" cards. This has had a BIG impact on the rulebook. Many concepts have been removed such as White d6s, Housekeeping, Tradeships, etc. In a way it makes for an easier game for a newcomer to play.

Our goal was to make the game "more accessible" to a broader range of players. In order to do this, we focused the game around "Space Battles". In doing so, even casual gamers said the game was FUN!

I would have loved to have created the FULL product with the Expansion included - but financially this is not possible. The extra artwork alone pushes us into the RED and that's not desirable, even if we reach our $30k goal...

BUT if we are successful with our crowdfunding effort, we WILL produce the Expansion FOR CERTAIN. First of all making the Expansion is a profitable endeavor. Secondly it integrates fully with the original game since more of the concepts were supposed to be in the original game.

Rest assured we are not trying to "screw" players by dividing up the game. We have very good reasons to do so. Even with the removed concepts, we hope players will enjoy playing this FUN game!

Cheers everybody!


Other reasons this is good

By removing "mission" cards we are trimming the deck from 75 cards to only 60 cards. This is great for another reason in that the BASE game is the typical size of a Magic: The Gathering deck.

In addition, the BASE SOLITARY game is also trimmed down because "missions" were not really used with that game scenario... So it made it difficult in the rules to say "missions" are not used in the solitary scenario so the SET-UP would be different between a versus game and the solitary scenario.

Also financial considerations are another factor: if we can get the game made for less money, that's great since it increases the odds of us being successful with the crowdfunding campaign... making it more feasible!

I should have explained better!

Why is 60 cards better than 75 cards? Well from a PRICE standpoint of view, $35 for a game set (+shipping) is inline with your standard starter sets of Magic: The Gathering.

Why am I comparing my game to Magic, well because in terms of "what you get in a box", the two games do compare. Like I said, there will be 60 cards for your deck + other cards used by the game, a game mat, a box and a rulebook.

So one could argue, the contents of the box is ALMOST identical to a Magic starter kit. And then when you do price comparison, you'll find the a starter deck cost around $35 also.

That's my explanation about how my game will be comprised and priced as compared to a Magic starter kit!


Edit: Forgot to mention that the game also comes with d6s, d10 and markers (tokens). I also had to re-plan my game sets to exclude the White d6s which are used to track mission length.

Also have noticed that I am missing 20 Black d6s. One is used as a counter for The Derelict (solitary scenario) and the two (2) are used when playing the "Doomsday Device" Tactics card (are like Instant cards).

Update: I plan to visit my local game store to buy my missing dice... I need 2 packages (12 dice per package). So it would put me with 24 dice and I need only 20. So 4 dice would be remaining...

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