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Tradewars - Homeworld: What comes next

Well it's official NOW, as of today, that we will be investing more money in producing MORE artwork for our game "Tradewars - Homeworld". In the next four (4) months, we have commissioned the production of artwork for a "Lite" Edition of the game.

The "Lite" Edition will feature less cards, less scenarios and much less artwork. But by the miracle of the Internet the COST to gamers of our game will drop from $29.99 to UNDER $20.00!!!

Don't forget you will be getting the game with a little less and paying an AMAZING price tag for the "Lite" Edition.

We will keep you informed of our future plans.

For the time being this is our BIG news. We start NEW artwork on the 15 February 2016. We hope our game will be available by August 2016 which is WAY MORE INTERESTING than August 2017.

If only through a few acts of sheer randomness, we stumbled upon a way of giving GAMERS our game FASTER, EARLIER and build upon it's success, rather than use an ALL-OR-NOTHING methodology.

Stay tuned for more information soon. Hell we may even SHARE MORE artwork with the Design community! We think this is GOOD news that our game is moving forwards without the looming pressure of a Kickstarter...


Hot diggity

Sounds good Kris - I hope some recent contacts made this possible :)

Good changes. Do not call the

Good changes.

Do not call the game 'lite' edition on KS though. Rather use the additional cards for SGs.

Good call!


Good call on the term 'lite' as we move forward. We'll discuss this in the days ahead, but I agree, calling the first edition ""Tradewars" and a later iteration "Premiere" or "Deluxe" is much more in keeping with the established model, coupled with the feeling one may derive from purchasing/Backing a 'lite' version of anything.


New naming conventions

In order to simplify, we will call the "first" version of the game the "Standard" Edition (STD). This version of the game will be followed up with a game Expansion entitled "Deluxe" Expansion (DLX). Price-wise the original game boosted with the expansion will cost maybe $2 - $3 more than the Kickstarter version which will be the "Limited" (LIM) Edition. But you will get the game more than a year in advance...

The "Limited" Edition will feature two (2) additional scenarios that are going to be unavailable in the STD + DLX combination. Fundamentally the two (2) versions will be near identical with the exception of the extra cards used by the additional scenarios.

Of course nothing stops you from buying both versions of the game if you want all the cards and early access (as well). We also may include a game mat in the "Limited" Edition (Kickstarter 2017) and a customize box to hold the game cards even when you use "sleeves".

The "Standard" Edition will have the basics and have a lower price point. Plus with early access to the game, this version will be for all those people who want to start playing the game... The gamer crowd that is interested in gaming and playing quality tabletop games.

In no way are you losing something if you buy one version over the other, fundamentally the two versions will allow you to play the core game and will both feature all of Charles custom artwork.


Update: Once the STD + DLX versions are made available, we will combine those two into the "Prefect" (PRE) Edition. This version will be made available about 6 months before the "Limited" Edition. Again EARLIER access and near identical to the Kickstarter version.

This "Prefect" Edition will cost "nearly" the same price as the "Limited" Edition less the two (2) scenarios.

What the F- do I buy???

Okay so with all of these "versions" and editions, what exactly should someone buy?

This is a good question... but before I answer let me re-iterate the versions.

  • STD + DLX = One version of the game.
  • PRE = Second version of the game, identical to the STD + DLX version.
  • LIM = Third version of the game, Kickstarter 2017 exclusive.

So there will be three (3) versions of the game and ONE (1) Expansion (DLX).

IF you are a GAMER and want the game as EARLY as possible (think August 2016). Purchase the STD Edition to get the game in your hands. We will publish about 6 months down the line the DLX Expansion which will again be very affordable (discounted) and both will make for one version of the game.

When the DLX Expansion will be available (think December 2016), the PRE Edition will be available to all NEW Gamers... Those who have not gotten their copy of the game. It will be priced the regular box/set price of $35.00 + shipping. The STD + DLX version will cost combined about $38.00 but you get the game AS EARLY as possible.

The LIM Edition will be the Kickstarter 2017 version, feature a few exclusive scenarios and will be the version for THE REST of the World. It will be shipped to your doorstep for August 2017. Again one (1) year later than the early release version (STD).

So you have the choice of WHEN you want to buy the game: SUPER EARLY (you will be like one of the pioneers), MIDDLE (probably more buyers once the game has a following) or LATE (you will only add it to your collection once it has a game ranking).

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