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Tradewars - Homeworld: What's new???

I actively use this forum to blog and keep thoughts of mine concerning some of my Works-In-Progress (WIP). Specifically the WIP I am talking about today is "Tradewars - Homeworld". I have posted several updates and wanted to make a sort of a reminder where the game is and what is NEW with this game.

I know, the game is not published, how can there be things that are NEW?!?! Well what I mean is the changes between the different rounds of testing. That is what I qualify as being "NEW".

The following is the list of updates with the game:

  • Modified turn order: instead of using the same turn order each round, given a role and its rank is what determines what order players play in. To clarify, each player secretly chooses a role and then everyone reveals their choice. Then given the various role ranks, each player play according to the precedence of their role.
  • Solitary scenario update: I changed the AI mechanic of The Derelict scenario - because it was flawed. The new mechanic fills the game with more tension all through the entire game from beginning to end. It also is more balanced and makes for a tough solitary game that is challenging and fun to beat.
  • Mission cards: So this is a big one that has taken some time to digest. I am HAPPY that I wrote my ideas in one of my blogs concerning this specific issue. The changes which may seem minor are quite significant. One of the changes is that the Firepower will now be more standard and run from one (1) to five (5). This is similar to the crew and weapon cards. Just feels more streamlined. The other aspect is point values which are now: 10, 18, 24, 28 and 30. So a level 5 mission earns you 30 points which is only slightly higher than a level 4 mission which earns you 28 (for example). But there is a reason for this: Planetary Expansion. This future expansion will open up a new style of gameplay and give missions an even more important role in the game.
  • Nomenclature changes: now there are two (2) types of starships: Battleships and Tradeships. As their name suggests, they have very different roles in the game. Battleships are used to protect your Homeworld and retaliate against your enemies and Tradeships are used for earning more quickSilver...
  • Role re-purposing: various roles were modified as described in the comment below. For sake of clarity, I will NOT repeat them...

That covers all the changes that I would like to get a pulse on. Obviously some of these will require card changes and I expect to get those done soon...


Obviously I forgot something...

I wanted to add the re-tooling of certain role cards.

Here is the list:

  • Captain: Re-configure one or more starships.
  • Commander: Re-configure one or more crews.
  • Engineer: Re-configure one or more weapons or missions.

These roles are used to re-purpose cards in play. I am looking for FEEDBACK concerning these new roles... Our Florida playtests were supposed to give us their comments on these roles - however we are still in the process of waiting for said comments...

  • Chancellor: role rank (=9) is the highest role in terms of play order.
  • Monarch: removed since it seemed to be extraneous.
  • Trader: is the lowest ranked role (=0) in the game and is exactly like the old "Monarch" role.

I'll post up more updates - if I find more omissions! :)

Tradeships & Missions

I have been thinking about Tradeships and Missions. The thought that came to mind is this:

Letting players decide when a Mission STARTS. So a Tradeship can be in the Space Lane and defend a Homeworld when it is NOT on a mission. Then the player decides to launch the mission and then the other starships that are in space can defend the Homeworld.

Also Tradeships can INITIATE an attack but again, only if they are a NOT on a mission. Once on a mission all they can do is retaliate and defend themselves from opposing starships.

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