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tumble mine: an idea

tumble mine first draft_0.png

This is just an idea but I think it has potential to become a little game. There's a pool of oil at the bottom of the board (the navy blue cubes) and a stack of rocks above (white cubes) and some soil holding the rocks in place (green cubes). A miner (red meeple) can dig through the soil and cause the rocks to fall into the oil. The rocks sink to the bottom which pushes the oil up. See image.

So that's about it at this stage - waiting for that next moment of inspiration to actually make it a game, but I like that the oil pushes up as the miner progresses through and rocks fall. This could make the oil more accessible or it could even make it blow all the way up to the surface.

Instead it could also be a pool of water which is rising which threatens to drown those down in the mine, or it could even be a sinking ship which is steadily filling with water.

Just playing with ideas at this stage and seeing if something fun happens!



Any chance you can turn this into a kind of asymmetrical, head-to-head contest?

I've given it a go

I've just tried the same idea with a bigger board and 2 miners competing for gold (see new post for the gif animation). Still needs a lot more development but it's an improvement. The level design is super important and it probably needs some different elements in it apart from soil, rocks, gold and water. Perhaps a little bit of randomness! Thanks Stephen!

Cool DigDug

Seems a little like the old Atari DigDug game, which is cool. Though I think theirs would be mostly green with a few (White) rocks to fall on you. Is there a mechanic to how far or when the rocks fall other than removing a Green? and I think Let-Off has a great idea of adding traps, maybe already on the board, maybe placed by players. Maybe each player gets 3 meeples (3 lifes).
Deffinitly looks good, can't wait to see where you take it.

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