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Unpub Today

At Unpub today I has the opportunity to meet some really great people and hone #StufftheUniverse further. First allow me the opportunity to share some of the great people and their projects I met:

Mark (@Stay_Geeky) who is a reviewer of board games and took the time to help the designer of Hope City ( which is on Kickstarter. He took the time today to share their project, help me with #StufftheUniverse as well as others with their game. Hope Cary is a cooperative game where you try to help the city as a person of influence while not becoming corrupt. Check it out if you like cooperative games.

Diane (www.pinballshowdown) who with her husband came up with a great game, kept the Unpub event moving and exciting. Their 3rd game Pinball Showdown launches January 2017 if you love pinball this is a great card game for you from an established designer team. Quick, easy to understand and loads of fun.

Suzanne (Cardboard Edison / who is launching an excellent game tomorrow morning at 10AM. Her game “Cobras” is a unique card game where you’re taking tricks, scoring points and grabbing cool cobra tokens. If you can look up her game tomorrow on Kickstarter this might be the right game for you if you like Mystic Rummy.

Squishee ( who took the time to drive 2+ hours to try out the unpub event and contribute advice to others. He hasn’t launched his 2player game at this point but it has an elegant combat system and if you enjoy an elegant yet simple combat system keep an eye out for him. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Now about the feedback the game seems to do well. Advice has become more graphic and word oriented on the cards then play mechanics. The average score have escalated from a 4, out of 5, to a ~4.5, out of 5 over the past 4 weeks. Now it’ll be important to do Metatopia for more feedback, refinement and spreading the word.

If any of you are in the NJ area and have time to help me refine, improve or play test I’d greatly appreciate it. Also if you’d like to join the mailing list to learn when new play test events are out, we launch to Tabletopia, or are ready to launch on Kickstarter please send me a message.

May the Wombat be with you…..


Sounds like you had a fun

Sounds like you had a fun time. Once I`m back from Germany, I'll help you out with setting up a tabletopia version for testing.

Thank you

ElKobold wrote:
Sounds like you had a fun time. Once I`m back from Germany, I'll help you out with setting up a tabletopia version for testing.

You sir are a scholar and a gentleman. :)

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