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V For Victory!: Bases and Strongholds

Well I have concluded that I am interested in the OLD, Vintage pieces used by Monopoly:

I only need 10 hotels (Red) and 6 houses (Green). I like these better than the plastic versions (found in the newer version of the game) because of the colors. I think the Red Hotels work pretty good as Nazi Strongholds and the Green Houses work pretty good as Ally bases.

I guess I could use anything for a Prototype (nickels and dimes). Obviously the closer the prototype is to what the end-result will look like - probably the better...


I love the old pieces

I'm working on a game which sounds somewhat similar, I'm focusing in the French reoccupation in Paris in 1944 and am actually myself using old monopoly pieces as HQs aswell haha, I'm also using the lovely metal boats and cars as things such as boats or trams. I'd love to hear more about V for Victory! it sounds DEFINITELY like my sort of game because I adore the theme and the interrogation aspect sounds intriguing? Have you done any more on it?

Can't wait to hear from you

I really like the translucent

I really like the translucent acrylic pieces that came with our Onyx edition of Monopoly. For the scale you are talking about, have you seen the 3mm figures from Pico Armor? They actually put out Monopoly style buildings, as well as loads of WWII figures and terrain. Should be perfect for your prototyping:

I had a little look

I had a little look at the Pico Armor people, I feel like they're maybe too detailed for my vision. I'm more of a fan of the minimalist little cubes, I've just cut up some pieces of wood tbh and painted them hahaa.

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