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The White Elephant "in the room"... (lol)

I've been working on about three (3) different designs ... But I've kind of "toned down the volume" when it comes to "Monster Keep"! I have something novel... but is it novel ENOUGH??? So I decided to put that design "On-Hold" ... Just until my other games get into the market and see how those other "HOT" games do...

Obviously I'm downplaying all my numbers (which is to be expected) and I am favoring "Crystal Heroes" (CH) because it can be played with 2-Players or 4-Players which is why that design is occupying more of my time (because it allows for more players to play that game).

Gabe Barrett (from BGDL) was saying that 2-Player games are gaining traction especially in these challenging Global Pandemic times. It's hard to connect with people outside your immediate family because of safety reasons to ensure our good health. But this means that sometimes there are ONLY two (2) players at the table... And so that means 2-Player games are most appropriate!

"Archon: Circlet of the Heavens" (ARCH) is a special breed too. Although the design is far from final (unlike CH which is now in advanced art), there are some interesting concept that I've been able to "crack"! For example, "Tradewars" (the predecessor to TradeWorlds) was supposed to SELL on The Game Crafter (TGC) as single player kits (1-Player). But the concept saw a limited amount of exposure because you're not able to target those nine (9) year old gamers so easily.

ARCH "borrows" on that concept in that ONE (1) "core" kit has enough content for 2-Player or the kit can be used by 1-Player. It's simply a matter of personal preference. The kit works BOTH ways! So that's very cool... And then we got "Daylight vs. Darkness" which is pretty kewl too because we are using "Booster Packs" (for the cardbacks).

But ARCH has still a LOT of work ahead of itself before I can say that the DESIGN is solid and we can work on finalizing details. But it's definitely something innovative to be seen and played.

TradeWorlds is currently in-production and we are expecting a prototype sometime soon too. In this design, I have on the back-burner the "Smugglers Run" expansion too... This is also a shelved design and has been waiting a bit of time too. I still review the design when I get more (and/or) fresh ideas for it. I have no clue what the order will be when it comes down-to-the-wire!

And then since I've manage to "connect" with my Swiss Toy Maker, Pepe confirmed that when I was ready with "Planes of Aria", he would be available to design some prototypes. Of course I was waiting for cards to arrive for this design. ATM I have all I need ... But I don't have a prototype just yet. Another game that is one the back-burner too!

So we do have some things moving forwards... Some on-hold... But not at all forgotten. Right now it's a blended effort between CH and ARCH. Those are the two (2) designs with the highest priority ATM. Keep you all posted as to the progress of these and other games in my backlog. Cheers!


Why "art" now?

Clearly I have put the art and the "Archon: Circlet of the Heavens" (ARCH) box first before completing the rules. I'm particular about having aspects of my games in various "stages" ... But I always like some SORT of "centerpiece" for each project.

Many people are like: "Why do you get art made when you can submit your game to a Publisher?"

My answer to this is that I've gone that route and ... I would prefer self-publishing the next batch of products.

The other reason I privilege making ark is that I enjoy working with artists from an idea, to another and lastly a common vision from a few shared words. It's really incredible what artists can achieve ... And sometimes surpass the expectations too!

Another way of looking at the "centerpiece" is having something to give you some thing to "reflect upon" and give you a source of inspiration. If you never work with an artist... You will always be "caught-up" in your VISION of the product ... But not something REAL that is in it's own way GOOD and FINAL.

It's the principle to find good (and sometimes "great") artists to work with. So far I have collaborated with FOUR (4) Artists. And the results until now have been spectacular. Congrats to the folks working on some of my projects (you all know you're great and it's been a pleasure that I hope to continue doing...) Let wait and see where these projects lead us.


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